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88rising going to smashed the music industry once again this summer, this time instead of giving their solo artists’ a solo EP or albums, they’ll do it together. You can see on the first released Midsummer Madness, following up by Higher Brothers, and recently NIKI got her solo’s for this Head in the Clouds theme. But actually for the song Midsummer Madness, you can hear NIKI’s voice blended in with Joji’s voice.

Honestly rather than having a “on your face” type of music, I really like the laid back style given by the 88rising crew. It looks like they just do it effortlessly cool.

Joji with BlocBoy JB just released a music video, I feel like the collective on this album is really amazing, Joji’s voice actually really soothing, and its blends in well with BlocBoy JB’s voice, again its a very summery song, you could listen to it during a hot summer by the pool, just having fun, I’m going to play the album later on when I’m coming back to Indonesia this December. One thing that’s similar among each other’s music is that in this album they have a little bit of vintage feel on the music, and its very interesting, I think sometimes people just excited on the heavy beats type of music, but actually sometimes it makes the music will be boring in a short amount of time.

Next up we have History by Rich Brian, in which show casing a lot of animations clips from Spirited Away, Up, and some movie clips like Hunger Games, and Twilight. I think the approach of the music video is fun, because most of the clips shown are the movies that I watched ages ago. So its almost like a nostalgic things, and makes me feel like “oh I did watched that when I was…” so yeah. I think the main approach of the song is about your love story, because most of the clips shown were couples. But Congratulations to Rich Brian to achieving the milestones, we’re proud as an Indonesian.

So guys, what do you think about the music video, are you guys excited about the whole album ? I feel like I picked my favourites already, but I think I’m going to love the whole album…

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