Photography by Ken Grand-Pierre
I write about twenty one pilots, I guess the music by them is full of unspeakable youths thoughts like the song Guns for Hands. There is one artist that I think might be the perfect artist to listen for you guys, if you’re a fan of twenty one pilots, you guessed it right its YUNGBLUD. He is an artist from UK, I really like his music, there’s a part of him that rebel in a good way. The songs that I linked down below are my fave.
Right at this moment in my life I just want to have a little bit of time, where I could express all my thoughts freely. I’m a human too, I’m not a perfect human, I made mistakes to others, but at the same time I need to sober up myself, and forgive myself, put myself into an introspection to myself. I think some of this song might have a little bit of clue to questioned me 🙂


In this song is not talking about taking drugs is not the right way to do, when you’re in a depression mode. I just wanna take my I just wanna take my My Medication Coz I just wanna find my I just wanna find my My motivation in which he explained on Genius web, “Society makes us feel that taking drugs is the right thing to do to cover up your “abnormal issues” and obtain a chemical happiness.” I think its true, sometimes the society put us, or make us feel as the worst people alive. I think its the perfect time for me to listen to this song, its really a time for me to sober up, and face the problems, without being a coward.

Psychotic Kids

I think most of YUNGBLUD’s lyrics are very relatable to me, there are my unspoken words from myself, as you could see the lines Psychotic kids, they don’t know what they want Psychotic kids, we’ve got to keep control of them where he explained “The perspective of an older generation believing in old ideologies, calling you a psychopath because they dont understand you.” on Genius, what I felt is that I’m always be the blacksheep in the family. There are too much unsolved problems turning into my stressfulness, and if I talk about it, people think I’m insane, or rude. On the line ; It’s fun to laugh when you’re sad Be happy, come on let me be happy I feel like its been a year, I try to heal my wound, but my dad open up the wound, and cuts me deeper than I thoughts. Many people that I meet up with thought I’m the happiest person alive, but that’s not the truth.

Polygraph Eyes

In this song YUNGBLUD talked about an issue on sexual assault, you an see the line Leave it alone mate She doesn’t want to go home with ya, home with ya, no Leave it alone mate where the lines is turned out for a heavy drunk night into a regret, some people might point it out on a different way, but that’s the way I found it.

“I wanted to write a song that shines a light on sexual assault, a conversation that has been started and needs to remain at the forefront of our minds,” Yungblud told Billboard. “I think people my age have the power to enact change.”

Falling Skies

This is the soundtrack for the series 13 Reasons Why, there are the lines ; I don’t wanna be a product liability But I don’t want to fight sometimes, I don’t want to be fail, or people think that I’m not good enough, but sometimes its I feel like its just way to hard to deal with. When it comes to drama inside the family, especially dealing with my dad its never been easy. My dad is not leaving me physically but mentally, I guess that’s my source of my depression he’s never solve the main/core problems within the family, But I don’t wanna be alone when I start breathing, believe it or not I can scared for no reason when I’m alone, my anxiety just goes up, and pulling me down. I just feels like sometimes I want to have someone that I can hold on too ; Even though the sky is falling down Don’t let me go. I know it feels so wrong, but anyways its a good song to sober up as well.

I think most of his songs contained the unspeakable truth as a youth, you should try to listen to some of his songs if you have a time to check it out. For me personally I really recommend to YUNGBLUD if you’re a fan of twenty one pilots, I think some of their lyrics just contain a positive statement for a young people. At the end of the day, you can’t really judge a person through their physical appearance. Also for me, my tips on facing my problems, with your parent(s) is just don’t do violence, you can listen to music that contained your thoughts, or songs that are just relatable for you. Sing it out loud, its okay, its okay to say you’re not okay, its better to say the honest position that you’re in.


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