Jay Park is now with Jay Z’s record deal Roc Nation, and he released 2 singles and music videos so far, both videos have big names featuring on. I feel in a way its almost the similar path that achieved by Rich Brian after going success with the song Dat Stick, in which the remixes has someone like Ghostface Killah, in which increased more potential of Rich Brian. I think its a perfect move for Jay Park, for him to have big names like 2 Chainz, and Rich The Kids, GASHI, because it will help him to be taken more seriously from the community.


So FSU is a stand for Fuck Shit Up, and its a song to have fun, on this song, there is the line “I son’ed the whole K Pop industry” this could be the reference that he was part of K Pop group before, but he got into scandal and moved out from the group. But it didn’t stop him from making music, with his own label actually he is able to show more about his artistry (no offense to anyone) you can see the line “I do TV Magazine Shoots, Shows” for your informations Jay Park already in shows like Saturday Night Live of Korean version, Show Me the Money, and Asia’s Got Talent as a judge. “running two labels that I owned” Jay Park is quiet successful in South Korea as the CEO of AOMG, and H1GHR MUSIC. I think even Jay Park got Rich the Kid on this song, Jay still able that actually he could kill some verses, I mean in this song Jay is definitely showing the music that more into the Western style, its full with swag too. In this song Jay Park displayed a faster rap.


Soju is a song that I think Jay already commented, that he wanted to give a vibes of his own culture. In this song it featured 2 Chainz, in which you can sing a long with both, Jay Park and 2 Chainz part since its more relax. I can’t find anything relate but, Jay Park is telling everyone “its the end of the day all my bills paid, so we bout to get lit off the soju” in which showing that he’s successful, and ready to have fun.

What do I think about Jay Park ? I think he could be successful, firstly because he got a big fanbase, and the music that he choose actually quiet variants so people could he that he actually got some talents. I personally love the newer songs better, because he kind of dissing the haters, that’s he still able to achieve the success even if he’s not part of the k pop industry. Actually I’m not a fan of swaggering songs, but this songs will do, I may be love it after listening to it a few times.


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