So the recent trailer for Creed 2 is being released, like its so good, although I don’t watched the whole Rocky series, its still one of the movies that being there when I was a kid. Its both prequel, and sequel, but most likely its the sequel of the film. Its a story of Adonis Creed, the son of Apollo Creed, and he got adopted by his father’s widow Mary Anne, and Adonis did a well life, until he wanted to become a boxer. The movie is all about fighting hard for your dreams, and a little bit of family. I love the soundtrack too, I think the director ; Ryan Coogler is really amazing, his other work is the Black Panther in 2018. I love the movie because it was just related to me, how Adonis related to his father’s legacy, in a way it feels like he knew about him, but not “really knew” about him at the same time. I don’t know where should I begin, but sometimes I want to be like my dad, but at the same time ; he was there, but not really there for me. When I want to boasting about my dad, what he did to my mum, with all those affairs, and lies to the families, its just way to hurtful for me, I missed all my best academics, and part of me starting to get insane. I really appreciate it on how Adonis looked up at his dad that much, but I could do it.

Interestingly there are some new songs, but there are some classics like from the legends ; 2PAC, and Nas. But they also have some artists like ; Future, Donald Glover, Jhené Aiko. However there are songs that were released 1-2 years before the movie, like the song by Krept and Konan.

Although some of the songs were released in different year, yet the whole music were relatable to each other, the whole song is all about giving everything to the last breath. It might be hard for everyone to understand why I love music, or movie (sport related or music ; 8 miles, Bodied) like this : the reason is that those movies or songs are really helping me through the constant battle inside my head. The movie taught you to just believe in yourself, and do your best, its still hard for me to to something at my best. I don’t know how to start to addressed my father’s affairs, its really something that hurt my heart so bad. The reason why I love rapping, is that because for me its another way to let out your anger in a very good way. CREED is a really good movie, the musics are amazing too, CREED will have a sequel soon and I can’t wait for that, they have the DNA by Kendrick Lamar for the trailer too, I hope Kendrick will provide some music for the movie too.

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