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Its their official studio album, they are one of the boygroups of YG Entertainment, the studio album was released back in 4 April 2018. The whole album composed of 12 songs, most of the songs composed is based on a chill hop, R&B and trap music. For the record they went up from the Ballad R&B music to a “happier” songs. Sometimes to make this transition is not easy, but WINNER did it. So congratulations boys, you guys did such an amazing job. Being in the YG Entertainment its definitely hard for to shine, especially when they have groups that have heavy beats, like BIGBANG, iKON, 2NE1 (previously) and BLACKPINK(by the way guys, I post about the other groups, and yeah I actually prefer soloist, over groups). But musically, I think WINNER strived well, because they have different musical style from the other group, they have the unique colours that other YG groups didn’t have. The fact that WINNER have a lot of slower songs, it much more relatable to me, rather than music that has EDM, Dance, Hip Hop, beats.


Everyday is a chill hop, tarp song, its perfect for summer vacation or party. To be honest I’m not a fan of trap song, as I mentioned on my most post that contained trap music. The first bar is really cute, I mean I can definitely relate to it, and if someone said that to me, I’ll definitely going on a date with him. The song is dedicated to the fans, and the purpose of it, is for the fans to listen to the song for everyday. For me since I’m not a fan of the trap music I don’t really listen to it that much, but I kind of like it.

영화나 볼래 조조
너만 좋다면 난 고고 (고고씽)
대답해 그냥 ㅇㅇ (She says, “Yes”)
티켓 두 장은 로또
너 화장하지 마, 배불러
더 이뻐지면 난 앰뷸런스
Honeybee, honeybee 꼬여
꽃을 쥔 건 Only one
That\’s you, you woo wee
넌 나의 종교, 일주일
매일 영접할 수 있다면
매일이 주일 Woo wee

Let’s watch a movie early in the morning, I only like you
Answer me (She says “Yes”)
2 lotto tickets
Whenever you don’t wear makeup, you are more beautiful
Honeybee, honeybee infest the flower Only one
That’s you, you woo wee
You are my religion, every week
If we could meet every week, Woo wee

Turn Off the Light-

The song Turn Off the Light is like the hidden card of the album. Song Minho is one of the artists that able to make his own by his own presence. Its because the song is really different from the name WINNER itself, Song Minho can show us the “sexy” side of himself through his own music, well although its just lyrically or his own personal experience, its definitely a good song. I mean I prefer the music style of Fear, or Stronger, but BODY, and Turn Off the Light are actually not that bad, its able to make me blush a little, although I don’t really have a personal relationship.

Have a Good Day-

The song is dedicated to Song Minho’s friend, Eun B from Ladies Code that passed due to a car crashed. The reason why I love this song is because its almost reminds me of their first album SS 2014. The song is relatable to me because, one of my friend passed in a plane crash few years ago, although she’s not a close friend of mine, but its definitely a sad moment to me. There is the line talking about the chatting, that’s will never ever gets a reply on.

What do I think about the album ? Well I love Song Minho, I knew him first before I knew WINNER, but WINNER slightly grew on me. There are songs that probably not familiar to the Korean listeners, because they have a lot of trap music, but Have A Good Day, Turn Off the Light, For is a really good one. I’ll definitely recommend to the whole music listeners to listen about them, because they’re not following the trend of the K Pop groups in South Korea, they’re more experimenting with the genre compare to other K Pop groups in South Korea. I’m talking about the genres, not the “concepts” the concepts are more focusing about the music video planning, and the dance, fashion, but genre is more focusing on the musical genre.

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