Utada Hikaru Hatsukoi | 2018

Utada Hikaru Hatsukoi


Utada Hikaru Hatsukoi
Utada Hikaru Hatsukoi

Utada Hikaru released her full Japanese album by 2018, the album called Hatsukoi this is her seventh studio album for the Japanese language, and 10 by overall album she released. Most of her songs are written and composed by herself, except the song Phakchi no Uta” (composed by Utada & Nariaki Obukuro). Most of her songs are influenced with Jazz, and R&B music, overall I picked up 3 of my favourites. The album reached Billboard US World Album at 3, and US Top Album Sales at 77, PS no one really put it on trending on Twitter guys! such a power.


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Play a Love Song –

I think the whole album is talking about the complexity of a relationship, if Oath is more about the loyalty, bond about love, Play A Love Song is more on the complex part. Hence its tell more about a love that’s not perfect. I mean there’s no such thing as perfect, “The moment the long winter ends I want to greet you with a smile” winter could be part of the writer’s effect for a problem, and smile could be the part where there is forgiveness.


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Chikai – Oath –

The song is about a promise between a lover, “don’t need pretty flowers don’t need a witness. Let’s have our rings be the same colour”. I think in this sense its about a marriage. I really admire the musical background of this song. As expected it is a masterpiece by Utada Hikaru, no wonder the album charted in top 10 in 22 different countries.

And the album was actually charted for a total of 32 countries, for someone who always focusing more on the K Pop industry, you should know that Japanese artists make some amazing music too. The music will be part of the Kingdom Hearts 3, the music itself is heavily invovled by R&B music, you can listen to this song while seating for a tea, or just for relaxation.


The song is about an unconditional love, I mean through all the album the songs are really composed in a very collective way. Its almost telling a story part by part, I’m not afraid of my end For even if I’m reborn, I won’t forget”. If the first song is all about the problems within the love, second part is the oath, or promise, third song is about the forgiveness, and commitment, you can see on the line “Even if you betray me, only this won’t change”. I feel like its part of the Fantome’s second chapter, you can see like the song Byouyaku featuring KOHH, is also a sad song.

What do I think about the whole album ? The whole album is very collective, its like having a story, its very mellow, R&B, Jazzy feels. So I think its perfect for any occasions, what I like about Utada Hikaru is that most of her songs are really a friendly companion during my stress period.

Would I recommend this album ? Definitely, I linked up the whole album from spotify, and there you have it. Most of Japanese artists are being underestimated, because they don’t have a “loud” fandom, but I do believe that they have the potential to break the market as well. Most of her songs are also charted around the world, but most of the Japanese artists are not as boasting about their music charting all around, if you really love R&B music please do check her out.

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