+Thirty Seconds To Mars AMERICA Review+


Thirty Seconds to Mars is one of the bands out there that’s older than my age (the group’s age) I knew about them during my secondary school life back in 2013-ish, because of my friend. In this album Thirty Seconds to Mars is going to a direction, where their music is more listenable to the non-rock fans, you can see that there are artists like A$AP Rocky, and Halsey featuring on the songs that really complimented Jared Leto’s voice. I also wanted to give a tribute for Tomo Miličević, as he taking part of this album for the last time as part of Thirty Seconds to Mars, I wish all the best for his career.

One Track Mind –

This song is marked Thirty Seconds to Mars to collaborate with a rapper, before this collaboration they collaborated with Kanye West for the remix version of Hurricane. I do understand on why they collaborated with A$AP Rocky, because if you see at Rocky’s video you can see the music videos are just collectively as good as Thirty Seconds to Mars’. One Track Mind is almost like a love lust song, I think this song could be placed on the album of Love Lust Faith and Dreams.  There’s been times, spendin days when I’m with you, girl…I have a one-track mind, method to the madness so I assume those lines are talking about a mad love, although they started to make a music thats sounds more familiar to the public, I think its important the now generations know about that some rock bands are also cool.

Love is Madness-

Love is Madness is one of the songs that has a featured artist. This song is more on the R&B and rock vibes. Halsey’s calm voice really complimented Jared Leto’s husky voice. You can see the lines ; a perfect liar, said you’d save me. The songs from this album could be the continuation from the previous album. But I think this type of the songs are always part of the band, you can see it on the song like Beautiful Lie, The Kill as well, however this song is more approachable to the younger fans, than the die hard fans of the band, in a good way.

Walk On Water-

This song is discussing the terror of the world that currently facing, you can see the line of Can you even see what you’re fighting for? Because we’re easily judging other people based from how the look from the outside. I personally think that there’s a lot of meaning on the song, it could be part of the Dream section of the previous album. If you listen to the previous album, this new album is almost connected to each other.

Will I recommend this album ? Definitely this album is super cool, I think it’s awesome to see the band like 30 Seconds to Mars is really growing, and they also care about the non fans people. I also love how they approached the current problem faced by the community around the world. We actually don’t really know who’s the bad guy anymore, since it could be anybody, and instead of spreading love the current thing that we do is just spreading hate continuously. Although beat wise I love the song One Track Mind, lyrically wise I love the song Walk On Water, because anyone could relate to the problems.

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