+ Sam Smith The Thrill Of It All Review +


Hii I’m so sorry I’ve to re-write, and re post this post, however I’ll write it as much as I could remember. I really love Sam Smith regarding his deep heart breaking songs. In this album Smith wrote about how he contemplates with religion, and his love life. There’s isn’t much problems that I criticised from his album, because most of his songs are the songs that I could listen to at all days.


Pray is about the beliefs, he wrote it on a journey to Middle East, where he inspired to write about his experience. As a kid, he was told of that being a gay in Catholic was a sin. The imageries on the music video also quiet eerie, the portrayal of the end of the world was partially there. The lines of the songs are talking about the judgemental that we often received from the community. “I’m young and I’m foolish, I made bad decisions
I block out the news, turn my back on religion”

“I have never believed in you, no But I’m gonna pray ” I’m a Christian, and I’m not the most holiest person alive, at the end of the day you need to believe that definitely God is really up there to listen to all the problems we got. The song is relatable to the current situation that I face ;” I am me I’m a man, I’m a sinner But understand, aren’t we all?”  some parts of the lines are just part of the daily life, where people thought they did the right thing, that actually isn’t.

Midnight Train-

I choose me, and I know that’s selfish, love You are a dream, and I can’t thank you enough 

The lines reminds me of the song Back to December by Taylor Swift, where someone is regretted to left her/his lover. It’s a beautiful song, although I never experienced a love before, I really like the song. Its hard when it talks about love, because the truth is love is a lie. That’s why you can see the “selfishness” and the line “Can’t thank you enough”, because although its a lie, but love is an unconditional journey, and there’s no boundaries on it.

One Last Song-

When you have a hard time to moving on over somebody, I recommend you to listen to this guy ; “Maybe one day I won’t sing about you I’ll sing a song about someone new But right here, right now, you are on my mind And I think about you all the time” Most of the time its hard to forget someone that we loved, we knew for a long time, rather than love song I love heart breaking songs because its just more relatable to me, it could be your friend that turnt back on you, or probably your own family members. This song is very reminds me off Taylor Swift, but in more opheratic ways, and more sadder, but its a good song, and a good companion during a winter night.

Both Midnight Train and One Last Song is talking about a sad love song, I think they’re having the similar vibes, so I think its a bit difficult to really differentiate them, but both are good and its hard to choose between the two. My favourite song from this album is definitely Pray, both without or with LOGIC. Pray is the most universal song from this album, and everybody should look into the lyrics, I’m a nobody, probably everybody hates me to the max, but I just want something, I don’t want to be a judgemental person alive, because I never asked to be born, and to me religion, and politic are the biggest cancer in this world.

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