So in Asia, they have the show called YO ! MTV RAPS, it was based on the American version that run from 1988-1995. The Asia adaptation will be hosted by Jessica Ho, I haven’t watch the show but the show’s teaser is super cool, because they invited few artists from other part of Asia, to be featured on the show, one of them is Young Lex, an Indonesian rapper, you can see the teaser over here. I’m gonna write what I think about it.




If you asked me what do I think about him, I’m not a fan of him, a big no no. Based on the lyrics, I’m not a fan at all, but do I support him on the show, I mean I’m an Indonesian so I’m definitely will be supportive towards by countryman. Aside the show also showing that there is more people thats cool other than Rich Brian from Indonesia (for the record I’m a fan of Rich Brian), so people will also able to discover new talents from other Asia region.

I’m not a hater of Young Lex, but there are artists like Iwa K(he had a beef once, but now solved), Saykoji, Bondan Prakorso, Yacko, and Ramengvrl that I personally think people also need to check them out. I do appreciate the facts that he wanted to have an impact on the community. But I learned not to diss people because I may not be better than him 🙂

The thing is although he might be the most hated artist in Indonesia, you can’t deny the fact that he’s quite successful with what he’s doing right now. Have you ever heard something that’s very bad, and addictive ? I think that’s the case, the more you hated the song, the more it will be stuck in your head. I mean, I saw a clip that he went to a sermon with his friends, showing that you don’t really have to judge him though a certain look.


There’s a lot of songs that really went viral from Young Lex, like Bad with another social media star Awkarin. But to be honest, this is a message to all the Indonesian netters, if you don’t like him, why you guys are streaming the music video, or even listen to it ? I personally think that some of his songs kind of leading the misconception of the music genre itself, but people are still feeding him, by following him on social media, or streaming his music. The song called Bad for example, being the baddest female doesn’t mean you can ride on a horse and just wearing a bra, you don’t have to dressed “swaggy” to look swag, you can wear kebaya and rocking it, and you’ll be the swaggiest person in the room. The song Nyeselkan ?, which translated to Did You Regret ? or similar meaning, was the most recent released, kind of sharing a lot of Western vibes on the music video, and the beat kind of similar to Taylor Swift’s End Game. He stated that he’s being honest with himself, and everyone regarding of the social media issues, but you never know if someone is being real or not. Because the truth is you can say, you’re honest but you’re not, you just wanted being noticed that “you’re the most honest person” but you, yourself is the only one that know if you’re being real or not. If he really think that he’s the most game changer in the Indonesian music industry he surely will have more creative ideas than that, if you said lyrically you’re different, because we have different culture with the American hip hop, why does your music sounds your Westernised at some point ?



On the other hand I’ve to pay a tribute to him, because he worked for several jobs before, and he practiced making a video at a church, showing that church actually can be a fun place to hanging around, asides from that he tattooed Ahok on his hand. His marketing game is also on point, making him getting hated, because the more haters you have, the more popular you’ll be 🙂 (so my advice to those people who wanted to be famous, you need to be get a lot of haters) But I want to see another side of Young Lex with a more honest songs, more than just about girls, or being a badass, because I also heard on the interview with Skinny Indonesians that one of his fan, was cancelled his suicidal thoughts, after listening to him.

SO what do you think about him guys let me know.

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