+ NAS Nasir Review + 2018

NAS Nasir Review

Nasir by NAS 2018 Review

NAS Nasir Review
NAS Nasir Review
NAS Nasir Review
NAS Nasir Review

Nas is finally back with an album after 6 years. This time around Nas put an album with his name Nasir, I know Nas from the song title Nas Is Like, in which I think its very catchy. What I like about Nas’ style is that, he almost like telling a story to someone else while rapping. In this album Nas still talking the things that happening until today, things like ; racism, violence. In this album Kanye West also helped him to produced this record. Nas’ style is definitely different than the current rappers that’s really on trend right now. I could say his style is the classic of old school hip hop, but at the same time its still not really to old to listen to, and his lyrics are so deep, so I think that’s why the fans are going to love it, and hoping that bunch of other teens are also able to know about him more, Pitchfork review is here.


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Adam and Eve –

There’s a reference on Othello, in which a reference on script written by Shakespeare that has a reference towards racism, and slavery on the story. The line for It’s a trend for these men to die on their own sword its a reference to the violence against African-American by guns in America. There’s a reference to the fallen man, Adam and Eve, but at the same time telling about the now generations are not that way to far from their predecessors. I think it makes sense to tell other that racism is still happening in the 21st century, and nothing is really change, since people are still doing the discrimination against others. But at the same time racism is not the thing that happened in African-American culture, but towards the Chinese-Indonesian too.

Not For Radio –

This track have both Puff Daddy, and 070 Shake, I already discussed about 070 on my post, so please check it out. There is the line where stated Black Kemet gods (yeah), black Egyptian gods (let’s go) ; Kemet is a Egyptian god that means black land, he’s another black god other than Anubis. The Kemet is a reference on black pride. There is another line where there is another reference to Black Panthers, and SWAT. SWAT was created to stop the Panthers Glocks were created for murder enhancement ; for the record Black Panther here is not the movie, but its a political organisation, Tupac’s mum was part of it as well, where she’s also being imprisoned after being caught.

Cops Shot The Kid –

I think this song is highlighted about the numbers of cops killing innocent African-American people. For example Stephon Clark, 22 was shot 8 times, after the police thought the cell phone was a gun.

The cops used to come around in my neighborhood
“Alright, you kids, stop having so much fun, move along!”
Oh they’d arrest me, you know, especially at night
They had a curfew, niggas had to be home at 11, negros, 12
And you’d be trying to get home, doing your crew runs
And they’d always catch you out in front of a store or something
‘Cause you’d be taking shortcuts, right
Cops, “Ree, put your hands up, black boy!”

Philando Castile was another victim back in June 2017, however the shooter Jeronimo Yanez was founded not guilty. This showing that there is this labelled that some people put the discrimination towards the African-American people are being dangerous, however its the opposite. I think its still surrounds the topic of racism, but it also leave to the topic of Black Lives Matter ; the organisation was founded back in 2013, where it usually talks about officers killing the black people, and other racial problems.


So what do I think about it ? I do love it, because its the problems that we face today. Killing is not always physically killing, but mentally killing as well, killing could be with the words, or being hypocrite, for example you preach about God, when you don’t love, or respect your brothers, especially when you became a slave of the money. Hence sometimes its making me questioning if I want to have a religion or not.

Do I recommend this album ? I do think that the bars written is very beautiful. If you don’t love rap that much, basically all you need is to read the lyrics rather than listen to the bars. I put 3 songs on the above because its my favourite from all the album, hence please check the album out if you haven’t so 🙂

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