+ G DRAGON Kwon Ji Yong Review + | 2017

G DRAGON Kwon Ji Yong Review

G DRAGON Kwon Ji Yong

G DRAGON Kwon Ji Yong

The Kwon Ji Yong EP was released back in 2017, the EP physical was released in a USB formed, and you can cleaned up the blood that represent the blood from birth. This EP is the name titled EP from the real name of G Dragon, the EP was released in 5 songs in which I’m going to take top 3 from my favourite. For this album, G Dragon also held is second world tour, in which I went to the concert in Australia, in Melbourne to be more specific. The EP was in no 3 in US Rap chart, and no 1 in US World. Billboard described it as an emotional EP from the King of K Pop himself. I went to his concert too!


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Untitled, 2014

This song was talking about the Kwon Ji Yong’s love story, the lines ; 나에게 돌아오기가이제 더는 상처받기가 두렵고 싫은 걸 알아  in which translated to I know it’s hard and difficult, I know you’re afraid And don’t wanna be hurt anymore. There’s a lot of rumour regarding about to whom he wrote the music for, but its also reminds me of Taylor Swift’s Back to December, where both songs are talking about the regrets of letting someone else go. But since I don’t really have an experience regarding about love, so I’m going to put it on my library first, before I have the experience.


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There are top 3 male artists in YG that haters will look up for their weak spot; G Dragon, TOP, MINO, Bullshit is almost the song targeted to the haters by G DRAGON, the lines  순수 국내 자연산 수제 한정판 translated to  I’m pure, Korean, natural, and limited edition. Its almost saying that even if the haters are just going to hate him, he will be still enjoying his life. The song almost like a Diplo’s track, where he collaborated with G Dragon quite a lot, the song have a drop base like a dance track, in which its able to keep the party to be hype. You can see another line saying ; FUNNY WITH MY MONEY? HOMIE PAY ME LIKE YOU OWE ME its almost showing the G Dragon’s swag to the max. Honestly my favourite song from this EP is Untitled, 2014.


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Super Star is similar to Bullshit in some ways to me, I often mix them up for no reason. But this song giving the people a glimpse of a starry life style. Celebrity might look cool from the media sides, but deep inside sometimes they also feel the lonely-ness.

Things that I want in my life now
가진 게 너무나 많아 잃을게 그보다 더 많아
(I need some)
큰 집, super car, 돈, 명예, 여자
Ye a ghetto super star 자수성가  that’s translated to

(I need some)
Things that I want in my life now
I own so many things
But I have even more to lose
(I need some)
A big house, super car, money, honor, girls
Yeah, a ghetto super star
(Self-made; built my own home and fortune)

Basically a celebrity could have anything they wanted, although it sounds so cliché money is not the only thing that they wanted, sometimes a real friend is the most important thing in life. I was born in a “good” family, means I don’t really have to think that much about my financial issues, but a real friend its so difficult, even some part of the family is not really trust worthy. You can see at another bar saying. This song might not be my favourite, but its the most relatable to me.

I’m just living like I used to
어린 시절 나의 소원
TV 속에 그들처럼
지금 살고 있는데도
왠지 슬퍼 외로운 건 여전해
마음 한구석이 허전해 that’s translated  to

I’m just living like I used to
Like my childhood wish
Like the people in TV
I’m living it up
But I’m sad and lonely
A corner of my heart is empty

What do I think about the song ? The whole EP is almost like G Dragon trying to be honest what’s his mind state is, comparing to his previous album, G Dragon is all out on talking about the haters, his love life, to the fans. The USB idea is like giving “the new G Dragon” in which kind of a symbolism he is going to his 30s (in Korean age). G Dragon is quite experimenting with his songs, his song writing style is reminds me of Taylor Swift, and Sam Smith in an EDM ways, for some reason Bullshit giving me the vibes of Bad Blood featuring Kendrick Lamar. But over all the EP is worth it to listen for, I could say music is a total preference, you can love or hate my music that I love. I mean its a special EP to fans since it was the last EP before G Dragon entering the mandatory military service. And for me being able to come to see the concert was a memorable moment to me.

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