=K Pop Songs You Need to Check out=

Hiii guys welcome to my K Pop week, the thing is K Pop is very interesting because when you see at the main stream group, or the the over rated groups there are ridiculous things that happens like YouTube viewings, and etc, but at the same time you can see the trends that they often that the band/group with heavy beats, strong dance moves, are widely popular, or they have a song about love songs, the thing is sometimes those stuffs help to cover the “imperfections” of the groups, the song lists that I put for this posts are my favourite songs, some of them are widely popular group, some of them are under rated, the thing is I don’t really thing they really following the huge trend of the music industry in KPop.

Some people assume K Pop is a group where they dance hardly, with strong make up, and clothes, well there are some amazing group doing it like that too. However if you don’t really like the totally hyped up song please check this page out.

BLOCK B – Don’t Leave

If you remember the ballad song by Winner at their debut some part of this song kind of reminiscence the same thing, about a break up. Honestly this song is totally different compare to HER, musical wise honestly I love Don’t Leave so much because its more calmful (calmful is the word that I made). Even if you don’t understand the meaning of the lyrics, you can heard the pain based on the melody of the song. I mean even from the title Don’t Leave, I really love this song, I wish the fans or the viewers, listeners should give this song more better, because they deserved that.


Recently WINNER just released a world tour, so I could say its the best way for them to connect with the fans around the world, because a lot of groups brave enough to reach the fans by doing a world tour. Fool actually doesn’t really grow on me, but I do love Mino’s rap on this song, although based on the list he didn’t took part of anything, but this song is really nice, although I really love Empty as well. To be honest ballad R&B is actually isn’t that bad. It will stay longer to the listeners when they got older.


This group actually have been around for 2/3 years, but I don’t think the South Korean people loving the genre of British pop, or pop rock, but he does really amazing music. At first if you see the music video, its a bit looks like G Dragon’s Crooked, at some angles of the video. But no offense I do love this music, with the acting you do understand the breaking hart of a young guy in this song. I don’t think is really that slow song, but its not that crazy or way to much rock and roll. By the way the vibes that he gave is a little bit like Nam Taehyun, but they have different type of voice, I do love them both, because I do love rock songs, but more on the alternative side ones now.

2NE1 – Missing You

2NE1 is definitely my all time favourite girl group, firstly Missing You is a song that able to help you to let out what you want to say, when you miss your loved ones. Although they’re pretty popular, I don’t like it when the K Pop fans comparing the charts, youtube views from 2NE1 with others. It hurts, and I really miss 2NE1 since they are disbanded now, and I love Missing You, I don’t want to listen to it because it made me cry too. But at the same time its my favourite song too, miss you girls 🙂

MINO-Turn Off the Light

To be honest with you, I feel like a lot of rappers sometimes tend to be like they have this fully bad-ass mode, but sometimes you just want to listen to their voice when they’re superchill. Turn Off the Lights, is not an ordinary love song, it tells about a guy’s truly feelings about to “sleep” with his girlfriend, the song itself is differs from Winner’s colour, it shows more of Mino’s artistry side completely 180 degree. For the record although I don’t really like love songs, this song is particularly super good, and I’ve it on my phone, for some reason, even if I don’t have a boyfriend yet.

Zion. T – Yanghwa BRDG

Its my all time favourite from him, the song is pretty simple, its a tribute to his father. I think its all personal when you talk about your parents, it tells about how hard working is his father was, it reminded me of my dad too. He is working so hard to make a living for us, so that we can live with a decent life. There’s nothing much that I want to say about this song other than its sincerity. The music video is also one of my faves, because it was done so classy, but the song is also very soothing, which I pay attention on songs nowadays.


GUMMY is another artist that I really love, because of her soulfull voice, the song I I YO is about how not to easily giving up, no matter how many time you’ll fall you’ll need to try it again.I really love to pay attention on the meaning of the songs nowadays, rather than listening to what’s really hyped right now. II Yo is definitely a beautiful song by her, and hoping to see more from her. For the record she’ll get married soon, so hope all the best for her.

Kei. G – Vanilla

So I’ve write an article about Kei. G, if you want to read it just type Kei. G words on my search. Vanilla is the new song released by Kei. G, for me personally I really love Kei. G so bad, because of his R&B style. One of the reason is that, the music is super chill, beautiful, there’s a little bit of jazz, which I love, the way he made his music video is also very unique, he never really shows his own face. Vanilla is about a relationship, I assume because its sweet, so there’s a little bit of personification there, I do love the MV I think its super cute.

Hii guys so what do you think about my list ? did you spot your favourite if not let me know guys.

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