+Park Kyung+


Park Kyung is a Block B member, I mostly know P.O, and Zico but recently Park Kyung make a comeback, and I decided to check him out. He released the song title Instant, honestly I surprised because I’m a fan now, I just heard him once. Honestly he’s amazing, and I love the way he’s doing the music video of Instant. By the way he is a member of Mensa International, which I’m impressed.

Recently I could tell the relationship between instant, and the song because you can see the timer. I feel like this concept really suited him so well, the video kind off reminds me of Sunmi’s Gashina MV. I personally thing that concept of Alice in Wonderland, and dreamy is really awesome with K Pop, they kind of giving the vibe mysterious, dreamy feels. The song itself almost feels like jazz a little bit, reminds me of Sen Morimoto, I think that this comeback is probably my favourite so far.I checked about 3 songs from him ; Instant, Ordinary Love, Inferiority Complex. But I do love complex songs, or stories, so I’ll choose Instant as my fave. What I assume is that relationship is almost like a timer, it needs time, and sometimes it took process. I mean although I have the language barrier because of the language, but the symbolism is really helpful ❤ thanks for the timer, but I don’t know what’s the true meaning of the song, I just love it.

I mean the two other musics are fine but its more to the bubbly love songs, like the songs itself are not bad, but its just not my cup of tea. I mean his image on the 2 musics kind of depicts a cute guy, but he change like 180 degree for the recent comeback, me personally loving the recent comeback, but if you do love this 2 other musics ; Inferiority Complex, and Ordinary Love please do support him more, and more. If you love artists like Zion. T, CRUSH give him a try to listen, or probably vise versa. But for most of the videos that I checked he almost got this retro vibes, but its not too oldies so the younger people are able to relate with it. I have to say that people from differ ages could listen to his songs, because they’re very enjoyable anytime, and everywhere. There’s the kind of Jazzy, R&B on most of his songs that I really enjoy, because its a chill songs, so you’re not that crazy when you listen to it, have you ever listen to the saying “plants grow better when they listen to relaxing songs ?” yup that’s what I got.

Bonus : this bonus tracks are for those who love BLOCK B, and WINNER 🙂

please collab with Mino again (just if you can, I’m not demanding)

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