Hii guys 🙂 Bleach live action movie is coming up very soon, I really love Bleach eversince I was a primary school students. My favourite character is Kuchiki Byakuya (guess who will play Byakuya on the live action ? its MIYAVI !!! OMG!!!), you can tell your favourite on my comment section, just in case you watch this anime too. For the record I want to take a little throwback to the OST from the anime itself. I post a lot about Aqua Timez, but you need to check about UVERworld too.

I feel like the Japanese music industry might not coming to an end in any time soon, I mean like the boosting provided by their music industry is actually have an impact. If you check like the artsists Daoko, Radvimps, and Kenshi Yoneshu they really raised to prominence Your Name. I mean the songs for the anime itself actually will not going to die, firstly a lot of anime are actually children’s dream, I even wanted to become a shinigami when I was a kid. And having the live action adaptation actually give them a little throwback of memories.

UVERworld is Japanese rock band, but they also having rap rock scenes too, actually I feel like there’s a lot of rap rock scenes putting into the Japanese rock bands, nonetheless I think its explained why Japanese people loving Linkin Park so bad. I love Japanese rock, because they look unique and lively when they put a show, they also very well known on the rock scenes internationally, to name a few like ONE OK ROCK. I do understand that a lot of people saying that Japanese songs are anime’s songs, but that’s not the case. I still remembered every Sunday afternoon, I’ll wait the television to have Bleach, but they don’t really showing the whole seasons though, and I’ve to watch it through animax, or online web, and even YouTube. But as a kid if you love Japanese music, it means you’re enjoying your kid’s life, because you watch anime, and you don’t growing up too fast.

My other favourite songs from UVERworld is called Decided, and Impact, I think they’re going to be my other Japanese favourite this year after Aqua Timez going to disbanded. I mean they’re part of my childhood, and looking back I realized that actually I’m pretty open minded on listening to a song. Probably I’m a little bit biased on listening to a Japanese songs because one of my ancestor actually was from Japan, so I think that’s the reason why, and I have a relative (grandparents) living in Tokyo 🙂 so I think that’s why I connected to Japanese culture, and music more, and Chinese too… 🙂 but anyways let me know what do you think about UVERworld.

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