Korean Version of 8 Miles ?


If I have to name one of the most memorable movies, I’ve to pick 8 Miles, I even watched 8 Miles long before I know what is rap songs from my HBO channel, back then I don’t even know how to swear. Rapping have been so huge in the last few years, and if I’ve to say our clothing are mostly inspired by the street style from the hip hop scenes, starting with the hoodie, the hype style, and even the way we carried ourselves to the definition for being swag. Nonetheless rap game is not only huge in America, and the other Western countries, but countries in Asia are also growing to hip hop. 8 Miles give Eminem sort of another door for being an actor, it also won prestigious award, Oscar for best soundtrack.










Recently one of the most prominent director from South Korea, Lee Joon Ik released a movie called Sunset in My Hometown. The movie starring Kim Go Eun, notable for her work Goblin, and Park Jung Min, as the guy who wanted to be a rapper. From the interviews, Park has been learning how to rap, and even write his lyrics by himself by learning how to rhyme the words, sunset-in-my-hometown_poster_goldposter_com_6.jpgthere are some “real rappers” on the movie like The Quiett, Dok2, and more and you can see the banner SMTM 6.












I feel like there is something about freedom of speech in rapping, and I think a lot of youngsters from Asia are actually just doing what they do because their parents told them so. It might be me as well, I think I’m on the category of being not so good daughter, a little rebel, not so academically outstanding. My mum always told me “hip hop is not a life, this life is not hip hop” in which I never said I want to be them, I just said I love them because they’re awesome. People surrounding me actually don’t really get what I want to say in the exact thing, they assumed and not precise on getting my message.












They have a song called Hero, Hero, in which the song featured the casts from the movie. Its a funny songs, somehow parodic, but its related to the movie. I personally really salute with the main actor, since he really learn to rhyme to rap the music in the movie. I think, its also a good move to promote the movie eversince, considering that Kim Go Eun, also taking part on the singing, and she got a major fan base.

But its not the first time in Asia that a movie put both hip hop music for a movie. Have you ever heard about Tokyo Tribe ? But they have different perspective I supposed, the Japanese movie is more focusing on a gangsters’ fight, it was adapted based on the same manga. If you asked me what do you think about the movie ? well I only watched it once, and honestly there more better Japanese movie like ; Like Father, Like Son ; Hachiko ; and more. The only reason on why I watched this because I want to see KOHH, but it was not that long, and the characters are just way too many, I don’t really get the story. But I mean if you love/like this kind of movie, give it a try, I just watched a year ago to see KOHH. 🙂












Anyways this post will be updated soon, as soon as I got the update informations 🙂 ❤








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