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So I really love Anderson Paak as well, he’s such an amazing songwriter, and an artist himself. I knew about Anderson Paak not so long after I became a fan of Dean for the song Put My Hands On You, yup the South Korean R&B artist, for somehow I really into alternative R&B songs these days, I just feel they’re the perfect type of songs for myself, Anderson Paak himself is part of half Asian, he’s half African-American, and South Korean for those who doesn’t know about him.

Recently Anderson Paak released a song called Bubblin, I love the way he’s doing the music video I found it very comical, and I think its suited the song called Bubblin. I could tell that this song is all about having fun, and living life to the most, its a little different from his song Silicon Valley that released 2 years ago. I just feel like although he’s good at doing his things, sometimes I feel like not a lot of people know about his songs, I mean like I’m not an encyclopedia too, so I’m also listening, and try to look for his artistry and songs, but so far I really love his songs. I mean based on his songs, they’re really good like perfect for a dinner party, and some of them are really perfect for the clubs ( hehehehe, I never been to one before)

I think if you’re a fan of Bruno Mars’s Uptown Funk, or just Bruno Mars in general you’ll definitely love this song, Am I Wrong ? by Anderson Paak featuring Schoolboy Q, this song is going to be perfect for the summer party besides the pool, and anyone who lived in a tropical country, like Bali, its really good to listen to this 🙂 But Anderson Paak is a different artist compare to Bruno Mars, Anderson put more emphasize to the rap part itself, and his style is sort mixing R&B, hip hop, and funk, a little bit of soul, so if your parents are not a fan of rap songs, but you want to listen to a little bit of rap songs, but not the “on your face” rapping, play them Anderson Paak. 🙂

Following that awesome musics, Anderson also worked with amazing artist like Kendrick Lamar, and he’s not collaborated with Kendrick once but twice including Bloody Waters, for the blockbuster movie The Black Panther.But not only with Kendrick, Paak also collaborated with artists like Macklemore, and Idris Alba. Long story short all the best for Anderson Paak’s careers too 🙂

What do you think about Anderson Paak, please let me know. 🙂

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