Hii guys I’m back, this time I feel like I posted too many YG Entertainment artists, right ? I did post BTS, and J Hope on my view other post, but I want to write and discuss about RM. I mean to be honest I’m not a specific fan, so basically I just loving bunch of artists, as long as they have good music, I’m down for it. 🙂 For me RM is super talented and cool, he got two videos for his own, Do You, and Joke, I think both kind of scary, and I don’t really got the vibes..probably because I’m in my stress period, but I’m not sure.

Joke got this asylum vibes that I really scared of, I don’t really like asylum its just giving me a bit anxiety, and discomfort, but I do understand why, its like the Joker the villain from BATMAN, I supposed. RM recently changed his stage name from Rap Monster to RM, in which I think its a bit make sense. Its not about an on your face name, but more to the meaning to the name itself, I’ve to pay that respect.

However…he did some amazing songs too, the collaboration with Wale is probably my favourite so far, he did that after changing his name to the initial RM. I personally love this song, because its more on the R&B vibes rather than having that heavy hip hop track, because sometimes when I’m super stress I tend to listen to chill hop, or more R&B songs.

But I personally RM also added his portfolio by collaborated with the South Korea hip hop figure like Gaeko. The song title is Gajah, in which is very interesting because they got an Elephant there, and Gajah in Indonesian means Gajah (the Elephant)..I also like the way the music video was done. I feel like RM is the type of an artist that I  can’t listen/like from the first time I listen to, but as the time goes bye I thought he’s not that bad, he actually has some dope songs. I mean the type of his voice is the type that girl really love that heavy deep tone, so yess I feel like from those idol rappers I like MINO, and RM. The reason why I don’t like a husky type of a voice, because the voice almost sounds screaming at me, and I don’t want that during my stress period. Anyways congratz do RM, and hope all the best for all his careers too 🙂

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