Hii guys welcome to my blog, for those who haven’t read my other post please do so, and please send a lot of love to me 🙂 I really appreciate your supports. So I knew about Honest Boyz for awhile now, but I’ve post about them briefly on my several posts. I don’t think they have music video before, and they have one called Bepping Sound, Honest Boyz composed of 1 DJ, and 4 MCs, so for this group you can see the collaborations between EXILE, Doberman Infinity, and Teriyaki Boyz, for the record they’re all managed by LDH Ent.


The group was formed back in 2016, I could say its like the Mob group, its a collective group, and I’m pretty sure if you like awesome music, or just looking for creative group you definitely need to check them out. BEPPING SOUND is directed by Nigo himself for the group, and you can tell the video is very minimalistic, I could say its more on the Western Style music video rather than an Asian style. I think people need to see more about the Japanese rapping game, because they do have some dope, cool, stuffs to check. After seeing the Produced 48, its a bit hurtful because the judge should know that some choreographer for the K Pop groups are coming from Japan, for example like Koharu Sugawara for 2NE1’s Falling in Love, but going back to HONEST BOYZ, I think they’re amazing.

They do have spotify channel too, in which you can access more of their music compare from YouTube, however if some of the songs are not listed then you can find them on YouTube’s fans..yess I do love fanbase because they make everything become more accessible 🙂 Anyways please do give them a try 🙂 and let me know what do you guys think about them ? I’ll try to add more information if I could find another about them as soon as I could 🙂

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