+Lexie Liu+

Well 88rising just posted someone that you might familiar with, I just clicked it because its 88rising, and I know its going to be lit. She’s Lexie Liu, she once participated K Pop Star 5, based on the information that I found, rumour has it I read that YG Entertainment offered her a sign contract, but she choose to going back to China. To be honest at this point I could say that’s the right decision, because I supposed people said you’ll be ended up at the YG Basement (that’s a joke). I LOVE YG BTW They’re amazing, but sometimes a lot of the best artists from YG like LEE HI, and MINO they need to have such a long preparation to put a new song.

But to be honest doesn’t mean when you got to signed with a big agency you’ll have such a promising career, because you might have a different perspective, and its a bit hard to converse about your vision, and the agency’s vision. But at the same time its a brave choice, because YG Entertainment has such a good connection, however Lexie for me did the best choice. (TO ALL YG STAN I DON’T HATE YG OR ANYTHING) Her oppurtunity is not really coming to an end, but it open up another door of oppurtunity.

First of all eversince the hip hop genre dominating the music charts, their not so far sister/brother R&B coming on the second I supposed. Firstly R&B is more listenable to those people who are not a huge fan of a rap song, and also R&B is more versatile for some occasions, I mean like I love all R&B, and Hip Hop things, but some of my family members are not a fan of rap songs, but they’re okay with R&B.

Lexie Liu, came strong with her debut with 88rising, Like A Mercedes is a R&B song. Again I really recommend her to you, if you really love NIKI, Billie Eilish, Rina Sawayama, I could say VAVA as well. Learning another language is the best thing ever, so even if you’re not a Chinese speaker, or listener, please give it a try. I mean since I took Chinese before, and I’m a Chinese-Indonesian girl, definitely her song is going to be on my playlist. I mean she’s also a good role model too, by not giving up her education as well, yess education is important guys. I love the way her music video was filmed too.

But I also checked her other older song directly after from the 88rising channel. The reason why I said I recommended her for the VAVA’s fan because both of this girls are ooze the definition of girl crush, and power, and they also have this versatile vibes going on with them. Both of them are equally good at singing or rapping, before releasing her single Like A Mercedes, Lexie once collaborated with Nafla, one of the most prominent rapper from South Korea’s underground hip hop scenes. The song title is Coco Made Me Do It, I could imagined where the song will be played, although its not my cup of tea of a song.

Some people called her the Chinese Rihanna, but the thing is why the Asian people sometimes labelled as “the next…(From other country that’s not from Asia)”, or the other version of…., Lexie Liu, is herself, and so does Rihanna. But over all you need to check her out, and to those who are a fan of K Pop Star, yass you can see her more on your playlist now.

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