Gallant is one of the R&B artist out there that I think very fascinating, because he collaborated with various artists. Gallant’s voice is really soothing and some of his songs are really amazing, he collaborated with Tablo, and Eric Nam, two of South Korean gems that the people loved. Gallant also collaborated with the talented Jhene Aiko, and the song was so beautiful.

These days I could say that I’m more into R&B songs rather than the heavy toned rap songs, or the song with the energetic beats, because I’m in my stress period. 🙂 🙂 🙂 but I’m okay since I’m in a good hand, and yes I could handle that stress ❤  ❤

First of all I really love Jhene Aiko, because I really love the way she carried herself, and her artistry is just amazing, as for the song itself its almost like jazzy R&B, so its really perfect when you listen to the song during dinner, or your own “me time”, and Jhene’s voice just blends in with Gallant’s. As for 2018 Gallant recently released a single called Doesn’t Matter. The song was released online, and you can streamed it from channel like Spotify, I do love the song but when he put the performance of the song on Jimmy Kimmel’s show, it was another level. Gallant collaborated with A$AP Ferg, and BOOMMM !! the song just hyped me up even more. Firstly I do love A$AP MOB, and I’m a fan of Ferg because he just dope artist, Ferg got that artistic skills like printing aside from rapping, and I thought this collaborations was dope AF. Firstly it give more spice to the song, without Ferg the song is already went all nice, but when you add Ferg’s bar its just gives you a different vibes. But please do listen to both versions; remix, and non remix.

Updated ; the music video for Doesn’t Matter remix is finally here !!!

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