While the other younger generations are now flourishing, sometimes I feel like the people forget the older musicians a little bit. Well honestly I don’t really know them that much, I knew them few years ago when I watched the reality show 2Days and 1Night, for the Struggling Friends’ episode, they called FreeStyle Mino, the music duo is composed of Mino and DJ Zio.

Although most of their songs are pretty old, but to me I think its really showing the real style of South Korean music. I mean they’re really not way heavily influenced by the American music industry, and some of their songs like Please Tell Me Why is still very listenable. But to be honest its really hard to find a lot of information about them, I do hope that they realised there are some younger audience that start to get interested with their music.

Their latest comeback was back at 2016, based on the MWave website, although there is some language barrier there on the website 🙂 yup I don’t speak Korean guys 🙂 The song title is called Because, featuring Um Ji Hee. To be honest, other than the mainstream musicians in South Korea, I should say that you guys need to check some of the older groups, and musicians, they offered some amazing music to listen, and sometimes the style of it, its something that still listenable to these day 🙂

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