Although I knew about K Pop back in 2016, after watching SMTM, but let me put some words those fans who love comparing views, and social media followers, because so far I listen to the music not because I want to see the music videos. I do love the other artists but I just want to show that views doesn’t really matter.

What’s up VIPsss I know, I know I haven’t really discuss about BIGBANG that much, maybe 🙂 but now I will. I know that in the recent posts I discuss more about J Pop, but that doesn’t mean that I hate K Pop 🙂 as I mentioned before I just don’t really like when people love to generalized over something. I feel like with the BTS going world wide now (I do respect BTS) it seems like people thought they are the one that developed the global things. But firsts let’s talk about BIGBANG, they brought the culture of mixing pop, dance, and hip hop music back in South Korea, they invented to adapt to those crazy style of Harajuku became part of the K Pop industry.

Its really hard to say this, but the millenial kids are way to dependant towards social media, and actually it parts to open up more platforms, its a good thing, but sometimes comparing the old generations toward the new generations. Back then YouTube views are not really that matters, and fans don’t seems to see it as a competitions, there some of BIGBANG’s songs that are not 100 Million Views but they worth it to listen to, like the song Always. The music video like Always reminded me with WINNER’s Love Me Love Me’s, and Everyday’s music videos, because they focusing more on the music rather than the dancing itself.

A lot of fans are now comparing the YouTube views, Instagram followers in which its not really part of the game, people tag for everyone to follow certain member of a group, so that they’ll have the same followers. The song by BIGBANG Love Song is not even 100 Million Views, but I really love the song, I think the main purpose of having a song released to have the true fans, the one that’s not going to fight over music videos views, instagram followers, it such a ignorant thing to do. I think the longevity of the song is more important rather than the whole fame itself, or the song that you’ll listen even if you’re getting sad.

Back in December 2016, BIGBANG released their complete album, having FXXK IT, and Last Dance as music videos. Although the Last Dance doesn’t surpassed the 100 million views, I do think thats the song Last Dance is equally as good as FXXK IT. Actually I do understand that at some point now people are more familiar with BTS, with BIGBANG members are going to the military service right now, BTS doesn’t really have that monstrous competitor. But again I think we can’t really blaimed the artists but its more on the fans, they don’t really focused more on the artistry of the music itself, but more on the YouTube views, and social media’s follower.

But again no matter what happen, I’m always be a fan of my very first k pop group, although I’m not going to bashed any group that’s on trend or famous right now. What I believe in as long as your favourite artist put a good music, and that’s it, the views doesn’t really matter. I hope the other fans will understand too, and its not really about views, or followers 🙂

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