AWICH, BISH | Amazing Female Rapper from Japan


The Girl Called AWICH



Hii guys while I’m searching YENTOWN‘s YouTube channel I found about Awich. I don’t really know about her that much, but based on what I saw on the music scenes is that she’s coming not to terms of music you guys might like her because most of her songs are in English, yup she used to live in Atlanta. She was interviewed by Complex for the rise of hip-hop in the Asia region.

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I think the game is starting to become more competitive right now, its very interesting that a lot of Japanese musicians starts to going back to the limelight, and having such a humble fan base. Most of Awich’s songs are contained the R&B vibes, if you love artists like SZA, Billie Eilish, or even NIKI I’m pretty sure you’ll definitely love her.

But she’s not only singing too, like the song Ashes, and Crime. I could tell that the Japanese music scenes starts to getting bigger, having the platform like KOHH, thats breaking the streotypical of Japanese music, its really such an oppurtunity for other Japanese artists to grow and express more of their style.

AWICH’s style is more of the IDGAF girl, she’s such a girl crush, you might be surprised because she does rapping as well. The song WHORU ? give you the strong presence of AWICH girl crush, girl boss vibes. Firstly the song is not about how a girl falling in love or whatever, but its about a girl that shows that she got a power to stand for herself, and she’s capable doing what a man able to do so. You might hate me for saying this but, some of the South Korean rappers are getting in danger right now, because I mean AWICH is coming…if I could refer someone AWICH will be the perfect collaborator with Jessi, they’re such a strong ladies out there 🙂

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