KHAN is finally debuted, the member of KHAN is composed of two talented ladies Kim Euna, and Minju. For everyone I think Kim Euna is more familiar since she also a former YG Trainee, and she participated in few survival shows, like Unpretty Rapstar, and The UNIT, but her partner is also very talented girl as well. After Kim Euna’s debut got postponed for a few times, she definitely got a hands on for this one.

With KHAN’s debut, their company trusted Black Eyed Pilseung for helping to produced their music for I’m Your Girl. Black Eyed Pilseung have been working for gigantic groups like Got7, Twice, yup they also taking part of the hit songs like Likey, Cheer Up, and TT. So definitely they are in a good hand for their debut song.

For the song I could say its really perfect for a coffee time, the chill beats are amazing, as for the vocals Kim Euna, and Minju really showing their voice characteristic. It might be hard for them to compete with the groups competition these days, but to be honest they’re amazing. I’m Your Girl is a chill R&B song, so definitely you need to check them out, the music video also done very beautifully.

So definitely please check them out guys, and let me know what do you think about the duo, they also performed at Yu Huiyeol’s Sketchbook not to long ago, I wish the K Pop fans will try to listen to diverse group instead on stanning, and fan war between fandoms 🙂 <3

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