Sometimes when people heard about J Pop, the first thing that they asked me is, “isn’t it J Pop is an anime songs ?” I was like, well not all of them provide the music for certain anime. Basically the soundtrack of those animes are actually the same thing with the OST that you guys are listening to. The main purpose of my blog is actually reviewing all the most well known groups, artists, but at the same time I want to write about the lists of the artists that you should know. Not every J Pop groups are actually full of kawaii that people imagined.

J pop invented the performances of rapping, dancing, and singing together, nevertheless its so famous around Asia even during the 1990s the days without social medias. Most of the millenial kids know K pop when they got huge already, without knowing whats its like before that. If you never released, you need to asked why they targeted the Japanese market so high ? simply because its such a prominent market, once you can be famous over there, you can easier to gain the eyes from the world wide. There are groups like the EXILE, and MADKID (the one that I’m going to review on this blog).

MADKID for example they can singing, dancing, rapping but they just a little bit under appreciated, because people are just way to concern about K Pop, instead of exploring other music ventures. I just want to say to those people, you guys need to check out more music guys. 🙂 PS I don’t hate K Pop 

But one problem with all this J Pop music videos, they usually don’t upload the complete content 🙁 its really hard for the fans :’) and sometimes there are some regions who can’t see their YouTube channel. But I’m definitely sure that if you love artist like EXILE, or the R&B, Hip Hop artists in general you need to check out MADKID. Firstly they also having some cover songs like from BLACKPINK, and Taylor Swift, and turning it into their own style. <3

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