+Post Traumatic+

Well Mike Shinoda is releasing his new album called Post Traumatic, in which its his first album under his name, but I could say I really miss the Fort Minor thing, the way he approach this album is very interesting to me, because it’s an album where he kind of going down and back up after his best friend passing. The album itself  has a lot of mixing of hip hop and alternative rock. But definitely there are some of my favourite that I’m a fan of ; Promise I Can’t Keep, Lift Off, and Can’t Hear You Now. In this album he’s showing more on the raw side, I mean the album is not that fully perfect, but there’s no such thing like that. But you can see that he’s trying even though he’s been to the down part of his life, by loosing a friend.

And of course he also uploaded some of music videos for the album, and interestingly it was uploaded in sequence so it build up the story, I could say its the most personal album from Mike Shinoda, its almost reading like a diary instead just a deep meaning songs. I could say I should listen to Hold It Together, because I just have tons of problems right now, and I’m really stressing out, guilty, and feel terrible….

Also at some song like I.O.U Mike Shinoda also focusing more on his rap skills, I could say that Mike’s rap skills is a special to me, because he mostly in charge on in this and that in Linkin Park, I think I.O.U is similar to the song Remember the Name 2.0. Mike Shinoda’s style is sometimes fast, but sometimes it also very laid back, its not really too mainstream style I could say, I read somewhere he was compared to Eminem as well, but I think Eminem and Mike Shinoda is way too different I could say 🙂 but I love both artists, and I’m a fan of all of them 🙂 And also with this album he really cooperate with the album’s art cover, and with the fans, you can see some of the announcement for the fans to participate for his music video(s), also like the music video for Ghosts, he used the sock for the character for the music in which its very interesting to see 🙂

soo what do you think about Mike Shinoda’s new album ? Let me know guys

a little throwback of Chester on Fort Minor’s show

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