So tomorrow is going to be my last exam, before I’m going to the defer exam for July period..So here’s my study break peek. Have you guys listen to NIKI ? well if you haven’t heard about her just yet…you guys need too. I wrote about NIKI on my other blog post over here  , she just released her new music video for Spell on the channel of 88rising.

If you asked me what do I think about the music ? I love the music, its really chill, its so perfect when you have a stress week or something, especially if you have like exam weeks thats hella hectic, and most of the time you probably listening to gospel songs (like me). This time around she’s showing more on her artistic style. I think 88rising is really good at scouting its artists, I love the way they keep the identity of the artists and the way they express themselves as a singer, I think its very important, so they’re not really constraint with the agency policies to do certain things. But seeing her on the 88rising channel you can see that she’s starting to be more mature as well with her music, so its really fun seeing that transformation.

I really recommend you guys to listen to NIKI, if you’re a fan of Billie Eilish, and other alternative R&B artists, I could say she’s out there not to play a game with everyone, the music that she’s put out is really perfect for everyone to listen. As a matter of fact I think NIKI also got that natural sassy ness on her song, so that’s really emphasize her girly side, it which its very interesting to listen, and watch. Because those help her out to be more eye catching, and she’s doing it without looking way too much. So that sassy ness, and the girly side like you can see  on the Vintage and Newflash !, give you the perfect ad libs, that able giving the audiences a little bit of conversations or connections. So amazing job done by NIKI, hopefully she’ll be more successful in the future 🙂


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