Hii guys I’m super stress and decided to put the suggestion by Lil Yacthy from the interview with 88rising along with Joji. Hence I checked out the music from Sampha, to be honest I’m not working in the music industry thus I’m not really pro at having the connections to those sources, but thanks to the random interviews that are posted online in sources like 88rising, in which I really love. The channel also provides the upcoming music too, and they are also providing reaction videos that’s really my favourite.

As you can say that I’m not a huge fan of fast, upbeat rap music these days, simply because I just want to focusing, having at least a more peaceful life..and I also being haunted with my minor mistake too. Probably its the thing that not a lot of people know about it, and I’m too scared to say so, or at least to admit it. So because we’re the non judgmental people I guess on this website I just want to say that 🙂

By the way I recommend this guy for those who love Khalid, Billie Eilish, and other contemporary R&B artists. I’m really curious about what people say about him on my blog page. If you haven’t heard him please check him out. I know that he’s not really that long for being active as a singer in the US, but its worth it to check him out..

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