Mondo Grosso

Don’t you know that cassette tapes selling in Japan is still popular until today ? I think thats the reason why the global fans sometimes having the hard time to accessing the music from Japan, but it doesn’t make they stop to look for their music. Platforms like YouTube fan accounts, twitter, facebook, and instagram actually help us to be more accessible to the music groups.

However you do realize that not all YouTube platforms can be open outside Japan, like Aqua Timez, SID, its hard to find their official YouTube channel. Many of you guys probably thinking why I’m so loving the Japanese music industry despite the growing K Pop Wave in the global music market. Simply is because growing up I listen to the anime, and simply because I do think that some of the Japanese musician does deserves the recognition from the world. Many of you guys probably doesn’t know about Mondo Grosso, don’t worry I just discovered him as well. He is a producer from Japan, known for mixing the jazz with the R&B music, his birth name is Shinichi Osawa, I promised you that you guys will enjoy the music he put out.

For your information too, Shinichi also collaborated with artists like Ayumi Hamasaki, and BoA, on the song with BoA (you can check the music here) you can hear the influenced of the EDM vibes, its still enjoyable although I’m not really a fan of EDM. As for my favourite if you asked me I got a few, for instance I do love False Sympathy and One Temperature, because it has more the R&B vibes that I really love, but I do think that’s his music is sooo good at all times. Probably if you do love K Pop or Korean music industry you guys probably know Code Kunst right ? yess and Mondo Grosso also like Code Kunst he producing music. 🙂

But I do love all the aesthetics given by him for his music videos, I also realized that soloist from Japan is really competent at having their aesthetics on their music video, and especially the cinematography of it, its so classic and beautiful without over doing it. What I mean by not over doing it, its because some of the fans mostly attracted to the sexy scenes of their which understandable, so the artists use that as a marketing to put the music videos out there, secondly most fans are so biased now because they pay attention to the look than the actual music itself, in which sometimes a little bit annoying.

Actually one of the downside of the Japanese music industry is that sometimes they have this short version, or edit in which not allowing us to see the whole finishing of the music video. In which that could be the advantage to prevent illegal download or something, but I still want to see the whole finished product 🙂 hehehehe because I’m so in love with the song 🙂 although this not happened as often 🙂 soo PLEASE CHECK OUT MONDO GROSSO in all platforms like Youtube and more 🙂


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