When I saw PINK GUY I literally told myself that he’s so relatable to me, and I wish I could have the guts to be like him, not afraid being called or judged


You guys may heard him after the Harlem Shake dance, or probably Shut the Fuck Up, and for me he has the perfect example of having fun with positive vibes. Although you guys may know him for JOJI now, but I do love all of his music from then and now, and people grow up right… but this are my some of my favourite PINK GUY and Filthy Frank moments of all time…Even Jimmy Fallon agreed for that 🙂


This song kind of reminded me to be just myself without caring what people said about me. The song is really for someone who got bunch of haters and I mean STFU, I mean that IDGAF style is my favourite, because its the most honest thing for ourselves. This also the perfect songs for those who love to make fun of yourself and never really understand what’s its like for being you…I mean when someone try to fuck your life, fuck them backkkk 🙂


I think this song is my other me, a lot people portrayed me to have a good life, happy life, but I’m not…In the past few years its hard to say something about myself, and a lot of things that I’m scared of like being a burden to my family, and I don’t want to be like my uncles. The song lines like I’m dying inside, help.. its really honest, but he made it so relatable to the audience, I think thats the most positive things to let it out things that’s your burden.


I mean like what I learn from him is just its okay being unique, and sometimes probably it will make you not really fit it, but still I’m still able to thankful because I’m unique..that’s why I really love Joji so much, it really help me out not to feel being soo lonely anymore. Because the more we listen and think that we’re pitiful then we’ll be pitiful in that sort of ways.

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