I knew about FKA Twigs around 2014, because she dated the Edward Cullen’s actor Robert Pattinson, although I knew she is an amazing dancer, I never really checked her out. So as a committed music fan I checked her music videos minutes before I reviewed her 🙂 she’s influenced with a lot of trip hop genre in which its the sister/brother of R&B, soul.

I think her contemporary dance is superb, and I do think that her dance showing a connection with her music. I love her voice as well, I think her voice is so beautiful I do think that dancing also help the emotional connection to the music, for the video Two Weeks so can see the vibes of the ancient Cleopatra vibes as well in which so cool (correct me if I’m wrong) But overall so far her music videos visuals is one of the best out there, but actually I do think she’s a little bit under-rated for some reason, in which I’ve no idea why :\

Next up we have the video for Water Me, in this video its almost animated feels like, and the video is focusing on her facial expression. Firstly I do think that facial expression do help people to connect with you for music, its important to have that because I think its easier when you want to connected with the fans. Funny thing is that although I never have a break up experience just yet..I do love heartbreaking songs compare to a love songs for some reasons. And when you got the tears on her face with the emotionless facial expression, I assume that sometimes you can feel the heartbreak and it feels numb and its hard to explain 🙂

But for the music Good To Love in which I really love it too, you can see the difference of FKA Twigs produced her music video. For the song Good To Love you can see that the style of the music video is more minimalistic with black and white on the background. And again on this video its so relatable because she expressed the song by dancing as well. Also the video were filmed beautifully kind of give me the feels of intimate feelings.

On the song  Papi Pacify she also used the black and white as the background. As you can tell Papi Pacify supposedly to be a sexy, intimate songs, but you can see it clearly on the song based on the dance move showing. But still it was done theatrically beautiful, so its not something that’s cheap sexy..but anyways I love the direction of the music video and the song 🙂 you guys need to checked her out.

What I like about FKA Twigs is that she’s not afraid to approach the “ugly pretty” the terms that Tyra Banks uses for her show ANTM, in which sometimes you need to be bold on your expression, although its weird as long as you’re confidence you’re good to go. She recently featured on A$AP Rocky newest album for the track Fukk Sleep, and I think the song is dope though, they’re such a perfect hopefully they’ll collaborate in the future as well.

So guys what do you think about FKA Twigs ? Do you checked her music yet let me know on the comment section, and what do you think about her collaborations with A$AP Rocky let me know on the comment section below 🙂

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