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So the Midsummer Madness is out, if you haven’t watch it gooo and watch it. Firstly what I like about 88rising is that they have such a diverse artist from Indonesia, China, Japan, and U.S. but they just keep the artist the way they are, without changing them way too much. I think that’s the most important thing because lots of us are having the cultural identity sometimes. And I just want to say, because we’re living in the digital era, the 21st Century era, it doesn’t matter if you’re Asian, Black, or White as long as you being you, and trust yourself and you’re happy with that that’s cool for me.

So the music video were shoot in an island I supposed, with the whole 88rising crew. I really love the way the music video finishing because they really look like really having fun. But I mean the way 88rising having their crew, it seems like they’re family to me, so even if they filmed the video all together, it seems they really have a genuine friendship. They do have new crew this time August 08, in which I already posted about him few weeks ago.

Furthermore they will have their American tour with other artists as well like KOHH, and Zion. T, so I bet that will be an interesting show to attended. By the way weeks ago I attended Rich Brian show with NIKI in Melbourne. But I probably will post that later when I want to have my own YouTube channel I suppose..its going to be about music that I love and listen to 🙂 but anyways I just finished my Law exam today, so I’m a little bit chill before tomorrow 🙂 but that’s okay, and I’m waiting for the group mark too, but I do hope for the best 🙂 anyways..what do you think about the song I think they are amazing, since the character of the voices is not really over shadowing each artists in which, its super important…cheers guys love you all

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