Okies people lets start this, somehow a lot of K Pop fans are actually being way to childish, and this is the reason why I really respect the Japanese Pop fandoms. There are sayings that Ballistik Boyz tried to copied BTS. To be honest the definition of copying, plagiarism, etc sometimes really annoying, and so childish at the same time. The fans wouldn’t like it if their favourite band were called “you guys will be the next….” so its the same with Ballistik Boyz. So the thing is I DON’T HATE BTS ! but the thing is I don’t think Ballistik Boyz is exactly the same with BTS…..I just feel without the element of J Pop, the today’s K Pop will not be the same….. I mean I do listen to K Pop, like WINNER, BIGBANG, 2NE1, and sometimes BTS, and the underground artist like BEWHY, CRUSH to name a few.

You can check the videos that I shared that actually they are also talented, and they will be the opening act for the boy group FANTASTICS, both boy groups are managed by LDH, in which its the house for the mega boy group EXILE. The boy group FANTASTICS will be made their real debut, before they starring at EXILE’s song Turn Back Time.

Just for your info before BTS is major, and having collaborations with international artist, the Japanese group if you know Teriyaki Boyz, they did collaborations with artist like Pharell Williams, Busta Rhymes, and even Kanye West. And first and above all they did that before the social media, and the whole fandoms thing was a great thing. So here’s the thing, at some part maybe the Japanese music industry was more focusing on the Japanese market only, but somehow artist like Ayumi Hamasaki was really popular in Asia in 2000s. So the world wide start to getting know about them through anime songs, and even Korean artist like Younha, and BoA is really great in Japan, and thanks to J Pop guys. If you see the K Pop is a mixture of J Pop and American music, because American music is more approachable in terms of style, and everything, while Japanese music is really got its own niche.

Just to let you know, the views doesn’t matter guys, and J Pop fandoms are pretty chill towards everything, some of their artist got even than 100 million views, like J Soul Brothers, RADVIMPS, Kenshi Yonezu. Just for information as well J Soul Brothers also collaborated with YELLOW CLAW, not until that PCKZ also collaborated with Snoop Dogg, I mean like there is nothing wrong to get inspired, I mean to be honest every people have their own taste so why fighting about it….

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  1. RisefromAshes says:

    The whole thing was just garbage perpetuated by K-ARMY’s and then passed to International ARMY which made it worse. At this point they’re just trying to make BTS more relevant ’cause they got 10 minutes of fame off Ellen and Billboard…. (you can call me a hater, but I don’t hate BTS either).

    I appreicate you pointing out that LDH has collaborated with international hip-hop artists, and unlike BTS’s ARMY’s the fandom didn’t destroy the artists relationship with one another. *insert shrug guy here* Appreicate your thoughts though!


    1. I’m basically the most neutral fan ever 😂😂😂

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      1. RisefromAshes says:

        Lol, I wish I was more neutral. I was so mad about the whole thing yesterday it was bad lmao


    1. OOOW OMGGG thank you I’m just annoyed people are comparing without knowing the other old groups….


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