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070 Signee to Kanye’s Record!


When I checked out Kanye West’s album ye there is one name that suddenly up, that’s 070 Shake, in which Shake is a part of the collective 070 Project. Shake signed to the label by Kanye, they are from New Jersey based on the information that I got from Highsnobiety, the collective member are PHI, J Sebastian, Ether, and Shake, 070 is the postcode if I’m not mistaken, they have that code on their name because they’re part of that collective, just like A$AP MOBB where every member got their A$AP on their first name 🙂


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I feel like in the group of 070 itself you can see the diversity, and too good to be true I feel like this genre helps the young people to have a voice out there to be heard, and its important because through it you can really discuss the issues that sometimes the elders even think that doesn’t exist, for your information too Shake featured on Pusha T’s newest album Daytona for the song Santeria here

But since this post is dedicated to the team, I just linked up for the song, as for now for me the videos of 070 Project is satisfying by far, if you asked why ???

Because it looked like its homemade music video, but it’s the high-quality ones, so you can feel the vibes on their neighbourhood, and the sincerity of the people of the videos is not like it was set for a music video. But some of their music videos were filmed beautifully like ATM.

I think its really good quality of music videos, so they generated different finishing of their music in which its very interesting, but I just listened to them today, and I really love them.

I feel like ATM is a really good song to be played at a Friday’s night party or something, it gave me the vibes to the party I believe. But I believe that they already have grown by number because I could see the name like 070 Hack, 070 Beheard soo I could see the family is growing. But I do really think that music really brings people up together, and I do think that it has the power of uniting people with no boundaries of race, religion, or sexuality.

I really love this collective group because it’s like saying to the young people if I can do it, then you can do it too, with this genre I learn that you can’t be afraid of what do you want to say, and you can express your feelings according to with your head.

And one thing its okay to have this IDGAF style….no matter you’re boys, girls, or whatever you want to label yourself is you can be yourself ❤ so be sure to check them out and let me know what do you think 🙂

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