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Hii guys although I’m from Indonesia, I rarely post about them right ? I posted about Saykoji, Rich Brian, and NIKI. But this time I want to post about Goldwin Yustantio, for those who never heard about him, well actually me too, but thanks to the social media that’s really popular in Indonesia, I knew him a bit more about his music..although not really that knowledgeable 🙂

First up I guess he uploaded few music videos and I think the videos are done differently compare to each other. There’s the funny one, the classic one, until the retro one I believe. Since I’m not a fashion person please notice me or let me know if I explained something wrong.

Like you can find the funny ones like Kawin Lari or you can call it eloping I supposed, well don’t do it guys..I mean since I’m 20 and have no love interest just yet I don’t know how to explained it, but its a funny song, if you don’t understand the Indonesian language..Don’t worry guys because he added the english subtitle. There’s a little bit of R&B vibes on it and you kind of get a little EDM excitement there, in the middle of the song, the video was done in an animation way.

Next up is my favourite song from him so far, the song called Tergila-Gila Karenamu, or I’m Crazy Because of You. The music video featured his wife Anaz Siantar, for those who doesn’t know Anaz guys are not fun 🙂 well she’s one of the fashionista/fashion blogger to look out right now in Indonesia.

By the way the reason why I really love the music video is because its very classic, and classy, in the first few scenes its kind of reminds me of Joker and Harley Queen for sure. But its really different, its just the vibes I supposed.

The music video is so full of aesthetics, the fashion is on point though, its very dandy, classic. As for the song I don’t really know how to describe it, its almost soft-rock-ish, R&Bish and a little touch of EDM too. To be honest with you guys there’s a lot of Indonesian musicians that I really love ; NIDJI, D’MASIV, and NOAH are my favourite. To be honest in a way sometimes the Indonesian music industry is kind of being looked down by other people, because sometimes there’s a lot of artists that went viral for no musical relations, so they just being famous because of their notorious behaviour …:(

Anyways be sure to subscribe to his channel 🙂 and check him out on social media guys 🙂

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