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If you haven’t heard about her than you should check her out, she’s the only female artist signed to 88rising by far (the official ones I believe) her R&B songs are amazing, plus she got that sassy vibes that you guys will love 🙂 She just released her EP titled Zephyr guys, and before that she released Vintage.

What I like about her R&B songs is that is not really boring R&B, is not that slow either, its more like the mixture, and its hard to described. I believe that she’s also very experimental with her music. One of my other favourite is Dancing with the Devil, I mean the beats is also amazing the best thing about 88rising is that they really have such a collective crew, and its interesting how to put Asian musicians on the US market, without changing the artists’ identity..


ˈzɛfə/ noun 1.

  1. literary

    a soft gentle breeze.


I think her debut EP is really picture her vibes as an artist, a soft gentle breeze, it might sounds cliché but I’ve seen her live performance, its amazing, although the crowd doesn’t know her whole lyrics yet, but she owned the stage. We can have major throwback of her first video with 88rising, I LIKE YOU and See You Never. Its an amazing songs as well, and you can see that she’s start growing as a musical artist, and she’s coming not to play around. If you guys asking why her fashion style is also changing ? I mean guys its normal, it probably part of her that always there but doesn’t have the chance to be expressed but now she got the chance 🙂 but I love both, and part of the musical sides I could tell that she’s more bold now 🙂



So guys let me know what do you think about her on my comment section below, don’t forget to check her out, and please like comment or follow my blog (just if you want) 🙂 hehehehe see you guys 🙂

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