Vince Staples’ second album is ‘Big Fish Theory.’ David Azia/The NY Times/Redux

Hii guys I’m super stressed right now..basically I don’t really know what to do :\ I’m nervous to be honest well I just need 11/50 but you don’t want that right ? you want to aim something greater than that 🙂

So if you’re a fan of the game you definitely know more about Vince Staples than I am, 🙂 he was part of the XXL 2015 freshman class, one of his song is appeared on the trailer of the block buster movie : Black Panther last year

I knew him for his collaboration with Billie Eilish, but I posted that on my blog already 🙂 but after that I searched on his profile as fast as I could. Later on I found out that he collaborated with Kendrick Lamar for his title track Yeah Right and you guess it right I love both artists when they got to collaborate with each other. Firstly the beat is so awesome, although people was kind of looking at weirdly because I love hip – hop songs but I don’t rap..I mean I just not able to write a lyrics yet…but I’m going to try as I think that rapping actually give you the voice to be heard by other people 🙂

Although both songs that I just wrote about doesn’t have the MV that helps the visual more or less, but I do love Big Fish, to be honest with you all that actually a lot of MV by rappers is really flashy with all the gold, and diamond chains but I could say that Vince got really clean, aesthetic visuals. I don’t hate the flashy MVs though I found them really interesting to watch, but I just like to have different feelings on watching MV.

By the way he also collaborated with Childish Gambino/ Donald Glover and Jhené Aiko as well, with Jhené he collaborated several times, to name a few the first one is Lemme Know, and the other one is Waiting For My Moment, for the movie CREED along with Donald Glover.

By the way guys I think, I haven’t really know much about him right ?.. Oh wait this is his latest released on YouTube 🙂 although its not really cup of tea (in terms of the songs) but I still love the beat 🙂 🙂 🙂 I think I should check more about him

By the way don’t forget to comment, and like and what do you think about him ? 🙂

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