Billie Eilish



Hii guys 🙂 how are you today ? well its almost my first exam but after reading through some of the chapters since last week actually it helps to calm me down a little bit 🙂 I feel like the younger generations these days are really creative with soundcloud etc..I mean there are some of them that really made it out there like Billie, but even if you don’t make it that big yet…don’t give up guys, because it probably not your time yet so keep on making something new.

To be honestly speaking now a lot of people listen to chill R&Bs I mean they are amazing to be honest since they’re not to crazy for you brain either ❤ my favourite from Billie is &burn and bitch broken hearts..for some reason its interesting for me to see all the lower cases for a song title. I wish she could collaborated with Lana Del Rey in the future, both have this sad beautiful tragic on their songs in which I really love 🙂

At such a young age Billie accomplished so much than I am, her collaboration with Khalid is also produced another beautiful song. There is this dramatic feeling about the songs that she produced, I really appreciated the way she shoot the music videos, because the props and the outfits just complimented each other.

Just to let you know that its part of the 13 Reasons Why soundtrack, and I think it fits the theme of the series. Because the song is talking to letting out everything miserable, but to be honest to more miserable the song is usually the more beautiful the song is, for example artist like Lana Del Rey, and Sam Smith.

And last but not least is her sing Bellyache, at first both the visual and the rhythm of  the songs is pretty. I could picture myself listening to this song at a road trip, but I love alternative R&B because its just sounds unique, and its chill, sometimes you need to have a lot of chill songs.

So please let me know what do you think about her on my comment section below, please comment, like or follow my blog (if you want) heheheheh #fun

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