Similar But Definitely not The Same

They may look similar, because of the eyebrows, but honestly musically they are different in terms of style ; their rapping is different, and their approach to the visual of the music video is also different. Sometimes its hard to see people saying..oh Mino looks like GD now, or dude Mino should be himself..I mean they’re both from the same company…and honestly their approach for music is totally different..well I love both artists hehhehe so here’s are some of the music to proof that they’re amazing with their own ways 🙂

We first take a look on their first release as solo artist under YG Ent. you can’t really say much about the technology, because the Heartbreaker was released back in 2009, while I’m Him released back in 2014. But musical style its definitely different, G Dragon is more bold on mixing beats, and style, but on the other hand Mino’s is more focus on his flow. By the way their voice are also different, Mino is more deep, and he’s able to do both slow and fast rap, while G Dragon voice is distinctly like the nassal-ly voice, and he more known for the “flying” rap in the group..Do I love both, or who do I prefer ? Actually I prefer both, as both has different feel for each songs.

The song That XX, and Pricked are actually sharing the same feeling of someone having a heartbreak. But for Pricked Mino doesn’t have any music video released for this, but That XX did, so judging for fair is based on the music, not the music video. Both songs has the accousting, mix with slow rap, and for Pricked Mino shared the track with Nam Taehyun. Do I love both music ? Yes I thik both are equally beautiful.

We have Crooked and Body, actually G Dragon has more a little bit of rock vibes, and once again he love experimenting with the style of the music, so its not really necessary to find a whole hip hop vibes on his music, but you do find it in music like Good Boy. But Mino’s vibes is more mature, if I could say that in a good way.But I do love Crooked is a fun song to listen, although both songs talk about heartbreak I supposed. The approach of both songs are different, Mino is more open to talk about intimate relationship on the other hand G Dragon is more approachable I could say, because its just more fun. Do I listen to both songs ? Yes I do listen to both songs, and I also think Mino is more Drake vibes, where it seems you rap, but its very chill, so although I can’t really relate to the theme of the song I still enjoy it.

Next up we have Untitled 2014, and Turn Off the Light, so both is their latest released. So for Untitled 2014 its more ballad, and it got piano on the background at the same time it gives you like Sam Smith and Adele’s vibe..but love it as I love those artists as well, the song is really beautiful honest, yet its very sad. The song deserves more than that honey…as for Turn Off the Light, its part of the second album of Winner’s Everyday. So in this song is almost like Body’s sequel, actually I prefer Fear, or StrOngerrr because I feel more related to those songs. But I have to admit the song is nice, it display Mino’s side more than just a member of Winner. I also want to say that, Mino and G Dragon is really able to diversified their position as solo artist and a member of their respective group. But at the same time they really stand out, without doing anything “loud”, if you guys understand what I mean…

So that’s the songs that I think diversified both artist, this post mean to support the respective artist y’allll 🙂 since I love both. So G Dragon is serving the military service, while Mino is preparing his solo album in which YG stated is 80% (but to be honest the 80% of YG meant next year…:( ) but lets hope for the best for both artists.


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