I think sometimes I follow some mainstream music, like Bazzi for example. I really thought that Bazzi’s Mine is really sweet, I mean its another way to sing Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars 🙂 I could say that R&B is really on the game right now..artists like SZA, Khalid, is really widely popular, they also collaborated with Billboard rappers like Kendrick Lamar. R&B is one of the genre thats really listenable, because its still cool with the chill beats, so that’s why I listen to bunch of them while preparing for the exams.

But Bazzi’s actually also have bunch of awesome songs that I think people should listen to it, I think that Bazzi is really cool with the song like Fantasy, also with his song Beautiful. I mean if you’re a fan of artist like Dean, or The Weekend I could say that you’ll be a fan of his musical style, although personally I listen to those who got nice music… 🙂

I feel like if you’re a fan of Post Malone too, than you need to check Bazzi out, but I could say that Bazzi is like the Cupid, while Post Malone is the rebel ones. But if you ask me did you listen to both artists ? Yass I do listen to both artist, but since I’m not from the music industry I could say I love both. By far I never a musician right ? If I do please let me know 🙂 I’m trying to be fair as fair as I can.

By the way guys I noticed that some people check him out for his Mine video, but actually a lot of his music video got this aesthetic feel, like Honest also Bazzi is a year older than me and he achieve so much..(me receiving designer goods and under achieving :’) ) and I think its good for him to keep experiment with his music,

I mean there are types of music listener who listen to those more relatable songs like Shawn Mendes’ don’t get me wrong because I love him..his songs is so relatable especially for teenagers who fall in love (by the way he recently play and collab with 30 Seconds to Mars here), while Bazzi creates this more complicated feelings but I listen to those artists depending on what mood I’m in that day.

So guys what do you think about Bazzi let me know on the comment section below, and if any artists that you want to listen to please comment down below, or send me an email, and if you check my instagram its very artsy please check it out too 🙂 BTW I read all the comments and reply them one by one Follow my blog if you want to 🙂 ❤




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