Get well soon..

The news just break from the internet, informing that SZA’s voice might be permanently damaged… she did not participates at any TDE tour at the moment due to her injured vocal chord.

Its kind of sad to heard the news, but I just everything the best for SZA 🙂 I mean her voice is just so amazing 🙂 and I love her soo much, her music also the kind of music that I’m actually a fan to listen to it 🙂 the R&B vibes just fits her perfectly, she collaborated with my favourite artist Kendrick Lamar.







Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 5.18.54 PM.png

In the meantime TDE promised the fans to finding out the best doctors for her ❤ goodluck for SZA in everything that’s she’s dealing with right now.

SZA is from the supreme alphabet. Like, The RZA is Rulers, Zig-zag, Allah. You have rulers like sovereignty over one’s self and the world around you. S is the supreme alphabet stands for savior but that didn’t sit right with me so I switched it to either sovereign or savior however you feel.” – SZA on Complex




I think she’s the only female artist signed at TDE by far, but that’s dope 🙂 she’s so cool, I could say TDE has the best artists in the industry right now, like Kendrick that’s really on top of the game right now. Doves In The Wind is her latest single released on YouTube as video I believe. The song featured Kendrick Lamar, Dove In The Wind its not my only favourite song, Broken Clocks is my other favourite song. And I really do hope that her voice will get better as the time goes 🙂

In fact I think SZA is also part of the role models that girls should look up to, she was bullied back in school after the 9/11, because she’s wearing a hijab. To be honest, its something that these days people are really scared for, they’re judging based on the stigma of this people, on the other hand SZA is such an open minded figure. But at the same time bullying did not stop her from what she’s loving 🙂



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