Girls Like You

Although I’m having crush on Adam Levine back in ages ago but if you haven’t see the video of Girls Like You, you’ll be blushed right away. The music video has a lot of famous celebrity appearances including Gal Gadot, Ellen DeGeneres and Millie Bobbibrown to name a few. The fact that actually Maroon 5 has always successful to maintain their popularities across the generations is something that I admired 🙂

The music in away kind of showing the women’s empowerment because its showing the women from athlete like Chloe Kim to his wife, Behati and I think its so cute. The lyrics is really sweet and simple, also Maroon 5 also heavily influenced by R&B for the album Red Pill and Blues, by the way the member of Maroon 5 is no longer 5 but 7, well that’s awesome 🙂 I love everybody they’re so cool.

Maybe I know you’re the one

I know that I’m not a lovey dovey fan for love songs, but let me tell you that this is soooo sweet. What I love about the MV is that they have a lot of different race of women for the MV, with different background. I think thats the most important thing from being a women, accepting each other. Actually the song itself, based on what I got is that loving someone unconditionally 🙂 So yeahhhh I love the song I love the MV, and I love CARDI B, wish you all the best for you pregnancy too gurlll…

I think Maroon 5 is one of the not-so veteran band these days, I think they’re pretty cool that they’re actually still famous among my friends that loving K-Pop these days. I think that the beat Maroon 5 choose is still up to date for the younger generations, and the young girls from Asia..I actually also think that Maroon 5 is so clever at choosing their artists to collaborate can see that Payphone with Wiz Khalifa also doing great few years ago..




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