The Next Heartbreak Songs Princess ?


I think everyone could tell that Madison Beer, has a look, she’s pretty tall, and pretty much such a girl crush. Although there are some people that criticized her for her singing voice I personally think that some her musics are actually good. For example like Dead MV, the model is Cindy Crawford’s son Presley, and he complimented the visual of Madison’s, but aside I think the song is pretty sweet, and cute at the same time.

I mean some of you might hate me for saying this, I think everyone said she came from a well supported family, but if you compare her music before back in 3 years ago, you could tell that she shows us a lot of improvement, her music concept is also more curated this time, and yup she’s grown up..I think for some reason probably there is some media’s help such as having cameo of Justin Bieber on her MV, but its because she went to the same agency before. But I think its all had to do with your passion as well, she almost a grown up now.

If you check out her song now its more darker than before, as she also puts more about a heartbreak story, rather than having a “fun son”. For those who saying that she needs to improves her live singing stage, it might be true, but here’s the thing as long as she doesn’t bother you, its okay. My other favourite song is actually Heartless, I think her R&B vibes is more intersting compare to the pop vibes that she had before. I also think that R&B is really huge now on the music industry, so yeah I think its more relatable to the public as well.

I know that she’s not the best R&B singer out there, but she’s an interesting teenager to look out 🙂 and personally she’s pretty good at singing, and her social media’s actually also giving her more platform to reach out with other people 🙂 so don’t be mad for her success.

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