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So basically I know that some of you guys (my lovely readers) have noticed that I post more about Japanese artists these days, because firstly I really think that some of the K Pop fans are hardly to receives critics, and they’re kind of fight against who’s more famous, and get more views…like seriously Taylor Swift’s Fearless got 90 million views but people…she won a Grammy for that 🙂

I also think that actually there are tons of Japanese artist that deserve the world eyes, one of them is Shota Shimizu, well he’s an artist from Osaka. For his style I think my favourite one is Damage, and most of his songs are contained R&B vibes that you guys probably a fan of for these days. C’MON J POP FANS WE NEED TO BE LOUD :))

Next up we have Mirei Touyama is a Japanese R&B artist, its not known about her background, but her music is great though 🙂 if you haven’t see her you need to check her out, I could say that actually her English is pretty well so I think it will not be a problem for her to communicate with the international fans, you can check her out here.

She even made her debut single back in the days in the US, but that happened like ages ago before people recognized musicians from Asia. But even her music video is very well documented, its very sweet like directed music video, and if you’re a fan artist like Nicole Zefanya, Lee Hi, than you’ll be able to enjoy her music. These days I’m more into the R&B vibes rather than a heavy rap music 🙂 I mean I need to chill for a little while right ?


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  1. RisefromAshes says:

    Mirei is an absolute sweetheart. I met her at Anime Matsuri (despite the terrible con management), and her English is fantastic! I’ll have to dig into Shota Shimizu since he seems pretty solid!!

    1. Yess I know right, they are amazing Kenshi Yonezu is also amazing. Sometimes I feel like the K Pop fans sometimes are way to childish about the YouTube views, artist like Kenshi Yonezu actually got million of views and deserve to get the attention as well 🙂

      1. RisefromAshes says:

        I’m a big fan of him too! Some Kpop fans only care about views, etc but I feel like the better artists are ones with less views

      2. I mean I do like some K Pop like WINNER, but they just get less views and their fandom is also pretty chill not crazy 🙂 …I love all but lots of fandoms are just way to crazy

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