Just Got Evacuated

Photo on 5-28-18 at 3.50 AM.jpg

So back in 27 May 2018, my whole apartment was evacuated due to someone pulled off the water pump on the emergency stair-case. Me and my brother live up to 30th floor, so at first my brother doesn’t want to go down, but since we need to I came back to 30th wake him him, and long story short at 4 am we went to Crown as our accommodation from the management. So the playlists inside my mind are Pharell Williams’ Happy, Sia’s Cheap Thrills, Taylor Swift’s Look What You Made Me Do.

Its a though where you were like its funny, but annoyed at the same time. Funny because why the guy opened the fire hydrants at the first place..I mean honey…we need to get our assignments done :), and thank goodness, I managed to get my laptop, phone charger… I mean why would you do that, its incredibly disrespectful, and dude have you ever studied about vandalism at the first place ? Even though he got arrested, but still did you think the about the after-math ? I mean left outside for 4 hours, I did managed to be at the hotel by 4 am…no matter how lavish is the hotel is I still want to sleep at my own bed 🙂 Lesson learned guys, whenever you heard the fire alarm, grab you most important stuffs 🙂 and came down. Just in case they won’t let you to go back for a while you’ll be fine, and please don’t be my brother. He didn’t want to go down at first, but eventually he needs  too 🙂 please stay calm whenever you have the emergency alarms too 🙂

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