Hii guys in the mid 2016 I love G Dragon, and thus lead me to love other artists such as Zion. T, Crush, MINO, Bewhy 🙂 I know that I might got hate because of this but I know that K Pop is really huge right now, artist like BTS got worldwide fandoms. But for me K Pop is like another level of infusion between J-Pop and American Pop.

Japanese has a strong distinct look, that you might jumped off when you see them, or you’ll get fascinated. Its almost the bigger the better, I could say sometimes I said that when I choose my accessories 🙂 just to look interesting, and more unique. Artist like Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, has this amazing style for her music, that’s almost everyday is a wonderland, but unfortunately, some people couldn’t really relate these days with the style.

One think that I realized about most of Japanese artist is that most of them don’t really following the trend of what happening, if you see the artist Daoko you can see that the artistic director is very different compare to the K Pop female soloist. If you see female K Pop soloist, they are more likely to enhance the certain part that will attract the viewers, such as sexiness, or beauty. While soloist in J Pop sometimes they tend to be more serious, or they just do whatever they want to do for their art, in which I think its very fasicnated if you see artist like Utada Hikaru as well.

If you see both 2NE1 and Bigbang they were influenced more on Harajuku style back in the 2010s, problem with the Harajuku Style is that not everyone actually able to pulled it off, and in the mid 1990s and also 2000s anime also boost the J Pop industry I supposed. Since its more marketable artist like BoA was also popularized by the J Pop industry, after having soundtrack for Inuyasha, even Younha for Bleach.

After the K Drama was boomed, the K Pop automatically more marketable, and thus making the Harajuku style booming again, and everyone thought K Pop invented it, by the way for the record I love Bigbang and 2NE1, and I’m such a huge fan of them 🙂 I personally think that the K Pop group that actually adapted to the Harajuku-ish style is BTS no offense guys 🙂

And actually the fandoms of K Pop are also very different compare to J Pop. At the first 24 hrs the K Pop fans have this streaming project, while the J poppers just go with the flow #zen. So I think actually the K Pop industry able to fuse this unique Japanese style with the American style in which more approachable to the public, so that’s why K Pop artist such as WINNER is not really attractive to the public, because they have this different style compare to other artists (without BIGBANG there is no WINNER) but I do think that WINNER is fun though 🙂 especially when MINO goes solo 🙂

But even so, I don’t think Mino is really widely popular compare to the idol rappers, because first he doesn’t have the pretty face. Second he got his underground music background, and still collab with the artists, he indeed does a few variety now, but his non mainstream music is worth it to checking it out.

But actually if you want  to compare the steaming, artists such as ONE OK ROCK, Radwimps, Daoko, Kenshi Yonezu all of them accomplished this 100 million views status and their fans just stay humble. I guess the 100 million views is so irrelevant, there are some of Taylor Swift’s MV thats below 100 million views, but people still recognize them, even Beyoncé.

ONE OK ROCK 112 million views

Radwimps 181 million views

Daoko x Kenshi Yonezu 145 million views

Kenshi Yonezu 113 million views

When you talk about skills actually for rapping Japan got some pretty damn good rappers. Like KOHH, even even collaborated with Frank Ocean but for the records the fans did not put it on a huge banner, he even got posted on World Star Hip Hop on YouTube. Even for his style I think is very damn good, its unique, swag..but the K Pop fans are always forgetting Korean artist like Keith Ape 😦

Thus I also think by not congratulate them, its actually lessen the big fights within fandoms for which one of them are more popular. I think its matters when 5 years from now you’ll listen to the same song. Its also keeping the artist kind of more down to earth as well. You never see them highly praised because Japanese people never do that (FYI one of my family line is actually Japanese) you can read more on BBC article here

One of the most attractive think from the K Pop artist is that they learn Japanese, and invest their market on J Pop market, so its very smart of having both languages of the song. Because they know that Japan is still a good market, if you’re doing great with Japanese market eventually you’ll do good in the international market, but I mean I don’t complain 🙂 some the song is good. That’s why I always a fan of a solo artists instead of the group, I’m not one of the big 3 agency stan..

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