Last Farewell


Dear Aqua Timez, thank you for making my childhood dreams the best dream ever, together with anime life as a child. These days there are kids that way grow up too soon, they don’t

aqua-timez-bubar.pngknow whats its like to loving the anime life, they don’t have the period for dreaming to be a shinigami like me..

This is what the statement said about :
Dear to all the fans,We’re Aqua Timez, we’re here to announce that we’re going to end up our promotions in 2018. This is the final decisions from all members, we’re truly sorry.We’re together 15 years as a band
 I do understand the differences among us, and because of it I love everything about it.
We tried to understand each other’s feeling, and of course I do love all the members. I also blamed my self, even until now we’re trying to work it out, we always have the bond that strengthen each other.
 To all the fans,To the songs that we sing together,To all the craziest thing that made us laughing together
To the bond that we build, and grow it together with Aqua Timez
And for all the strength that made us here today
 Its all very precious to me.
 It will be very proud moment if all the song that you guys sing, with all your heart will always be the song that remind you guys with Aqua Timez for whenever it will be.
 Thank you so much everyone”

It’s definitely one of the saddest moment to all the fans 🙂 but I do believe that goodbye its not the end of a journey, its just a way for them to grow more as an artist 🙂 but thank you for all the memories that you given as an artist, and having part of the anime 🙂 especially the iconic ones like Bleach and Naruto 🙂 ❤

But don’t worry guys they’ll not just disappear at once, they will have their last concert from May this year in Japan, 🙂 you if you guys live in Japan please be sure to check them out. I’m very sad since their YouTube channel is not available around the world 🙂 but they will always be in my heart. And as a kid I really love Velonica and Alones sooo bad 🙂 I still have it on my phone until today 🙂 Have a good one for your future Aqua Timez 🙂 we love you


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Yen Huang says:

    It’s just so sad to heard this news 😥


    1. I know right ? :(( I’m sad ;'(


      1. Yen Huang says:

        sorry for the late reply…
        They are our childhood idol tho and I hadn’t have a change to see them in person 😥

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I know right… that’s okay I’m also preparing for exam hehehe


      3. Yen Huang says:

        Oh, you are going to have exams? Good luck~!!! ❤


      4. Hehehe yess no worries

        Liked by 1 person

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