J POP with 100 Million Views

J POP with 100 Million Views

J POP with 100 Million Views
J POP with 100 Million Views

Well if you know more about J Pop there are some artists that actually got 100 million views, like 三代目 J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE / 「R.Y.U.S.E.I. with 125 millions, Daoko x Kenshi Yonezu 打上花火 with 144 millions (yess guys the reason why I didn’t post the J Soul Brothers’ MV because its going to be about Kenshi Yonezu) not only that soloist artist like Kenshi Yonezu got millions of views for his アイネクライネ MV…

In fact what I learned from the Japanese people is actually to stay calm, and humble I guess. If you can see the fans are not really crazy as much as other fandoms to stream the artists’ music videos, I guess they get the views from the audience who think that they have such a unique music. But at the same time I really admired on how they stay humble, and respectful without being hard-headed 🙂


Furthermore there is no difference with Kenshi Yonezu as well, although not a lot of people know him well, even me (I just knew him today). To be honest his musics are great, even some of his music videos are so amazing they have some of modern dance like. I know that the fact the world is going crazy about K-Pop, but honestly the J-Pop music suddenly pulling me back 🙂 there is something about them that still have their own characteristics, although its hard to explain them 🙂

His music video called Lemon that released back in February 2018 gained 89,158,497 views, by which published in a shorter time compare to Taeyang’s Darling in which released in 16 August 2017 gained 9,779,607 (by the way I love Bigbang) its proving that its not only the big fandom that divined the music videos views, artists like Taylor Swift also attracting viewers more than her own fandoms. I think its very interesting since I just knew about this recently 🙂 most of Kenshi’s music are very mellow but its amazing, its perfect for the rainy weather, since its almost cold here in Melbourne so I assumed that sad songs are the best 🙂 Since I also love alternative rock so I think its very interesting to see him performs 🙂

I think the J Pop fans know that the views or mass stream does not mean anything, but to be honest the most important thing is the public perspective’s, since I think Kenshi able to attracts the onlookers without excessive dance move, or colourful outfit I supposed :). There are reasons on why they got moved by the groups that dance excessively, because they’re actually distracted by the dance, and the stage that’s very eye catching, but artist like Kenshi is just by himself on the stage 🙂 I think thats why I love this artist 🙂

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