Sen Morimoto

Sen Morimoto is a Jazz, Rap artist, and basically multi talented artist. Sen Morimoto just released his new music video of How It Is, through the YouTube channel of 88rising. However Sen himself signed with Sooper Records, he was born in Kyoto, Japan and moved to the US since he was young. If you’re the type of person who love DIY music video, or very artsy type of person you need to check him out. I really recommended him for those people who love Jazz, R&B musics, and those who love indie musicians :). His songs are perfect for having picnic outside in a sunny day.

According to hesightsandsounds Sen learned a lot of instruments since he was young such as saxophone, he style is so unique since his style is heavily influenced by Jazz but his mixing with the hip hop genre give his songs a fresh touch. His soundclouds channel also getting noticed by his hip hop community in Western Massachusetts, and I’ll link up his soundclouds as well just to let you know guys 🙂

On July 9 2018 through the channel 88rising, Sen Morimoto released a music video for People Watching. I personally loving the song, why ? because its simply connected to me. I feel like although I’m not a public figure the communities seem to watching over me on what I’m doing, they criticised me and its putting me into a pressure that causing me to have the stress issues, well some people might not really aware of it. But I do hope you guys will check him out. The song is really perfect when you really want to have a me time section on your own time(s). Don’t forget to check him out on 88 HEADS IN THE CLOUDS too

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