Tay Tay


..when I was 12 I started writing songs because it made me feel more understood, when I was making reputation this album for a while, I felt really really misunderstood..-Taylor Swift Billboard Top Selling Artist

I feel like Taylor already gotten by the media play for so many years, I mean nobody is perfect so does Taylor. This year she marked up as her first debut in an award shows after several years. The Look What You Made Me Do singer look stunning the Versace custom gown. I don’t think calling someone a snake on social media publicly is such a manner. I do understand that some words are not understand by the public easily, gladly she took a year off to just reflect and relax and came back like a Queen Taylor always do 🙂

Sorry the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now.. 

Why cause she’s dead 

To be honest with everyone I’m a swifties and I’m proud of it, I’ve been listening to Taylor Swift since the day of my middle school days, like Love Story, You Belong With Me :), and actually 1989 is my first ever concert that I attended 🙂 I love it and Taylor she’s just amazing. Having her won with 2 awards of Billboard Music Awards was just amazing 🙂 the other one that she got is Top Female Artist 🙂

Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 3.44.56 PM.png

I don’t think  for those who said they don’t like the “new Taylor” really a fan of her, I mean some artist grew up, and if you look up with Taylor Swift, I don’t think she gave the audiences the bad impact. She’s still the same Taylor, but her genre is different I don’t think she try really hard to be a bad girl, to increase her popularity, if you heard Delicate, and Gorgeous, you can see a little bit of old Taylor there.

My reputations never been worst…

To be honest to all people she does help me a lot especially with my self confidence 🙂 I never really have a huge self confidence until she got the song like Mean. I know that she probably doesn’t have the best vocal, but she is relatable, and she put the fans inside her heart ❤ I probably not taking any sides considering the feud few years ago. But the recent Kanye tweets are not funny at all, and you must know that if you have such a voice on the media, please think twice before 🙂 I do love Kanye and Taylor for the record.  But yeah Taylor helps me a lot with every story in my life, even if I have a problem with my friends, I’m still able to enjoy my time with Bad Blood.

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